About Sexual Assault

In the United States, an individual experiences sexual assault every 98 seconds. These incidents can happen at any location, during public or private events and can happen between strangers or people known to each other. With that each Dystopia Rising branch works hard to keep up to date with the best practices and procedures to do our best to prevent incidents at DR-focused events. However, we acknowledge that a team of Directors can’t be everywhere at all times. With this we have created some optional and publicly available information and links to help all members of the DR community be as well informed as possible. We believe that the better educated an entire community is in preventing issues, the more likely it is that one can be avoided. . The goal is that there will be more eyes and ears across the field of gaming who will be able to recognize the signs of sexual misconduct and be better informed in how to deal with it if it does occur. 

Reading this material and taking this quiz does not substitute for more formal, organized education  nor does it make you a mandatory reporter or in any way legally responsible. All the material linked below is available to the public. It is our hope that we can help make our community members more informed to not only help themselves and others when needed but hopefully signal to abusers that this is not a home for them so they move on. 

We do require that any player who wishes to take on the title of Marshal read this material and pass the associated quiz or equivalent with a 100% score. These quizzes are intended to confirm basic knowledge of warning signs and problematic behaviour. In all instances of illegal activity, a DR Director, owner or marshal carries the responsibility to notify the authorities in the same way as any other member of society. 

Thank you for taking the time to do this, and thank you for wanting to be part of making our community as healthy and safe as we can make it. 

((WARNING)) This material, while not graphic, does discuss many forms of sexual misconduct. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or anxious please stop reading. You can come back to it later or not, this is entirely up to you. We want you to be informed, but above all we want you to feel safe. 
If you are a Marshal and this is not feasible for you please contact your Director and they will find an alternate method to confirm your understanding of the material.

Reading Material

Below are two sections broken up by a video and a quiz. The resources used are links to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) material. There is much more available such as senior abuse, drug use, child abuse, Incest etc. that is very helpful to read, however we will be focusing on the information that will be most pertinent to our community. 

Please read each section and answer the quiz following it.