Dystopia Rising 3.0 Release Timeline

Hello Wastelanders!

We wanted to provide everyone an update on the 3.0 release schedule.

Rulebook Release

We expect to have the rulebook publicly released by mid June, with Kickstarter backers of Dystopia Rising: Evolved receiving the book one full week early.

3.0 Character Creation

Starting mid August and ending early September, all players will have the ability to log in and build out their 3.0 Character for their local Branch to approve. All infection will be fully reset and you will have your entire build pool opened up for you to recreate your current characters or create an entirely new character. It is up to you what you create with this character and you may fully utilize your build pool. As it is possible to still gain build between mid August and your first 3.0 event, you can spend any unspent build on your character before they start to enter play. After they’ve entered play, all build will be considered open build available for you to learn skills in play.

Your character can always be remade at the physical event, but please note that branches will focus on starting their 3.0 events on time and prioritize those already good to go with 3.0 before opening office hours to help you make the transfer on site.

3.0 Item Transfer

Starting August 1st, you can trade out your 2.0 items at your local branch. If you know you wont be attending again until 3.0 is live or can do without your 2.0 items to help with the transfer process, doing so early will help with this part of the transfer. It also will allow you to get an early preview of all the items, prints, and resources in 3.0.

You are absolutely able to complete this transfer at your first 3.0 event, however your local branch will set specific hours for when they are able to assist with that transfer, prioritizing starting the event over the item transfer.

Closing 2.0 Back Buy

September 2nd 2019 will be the last day available for purchasing 2.0 events that you’ve missed. For those of you looking to make purchases, please reach out to your local branch to review what’s available to you. This decision is part infrastructure, as we want to move away from the old database and the event structure is a large part of that, and part focus, with there being a new story component involved in the back buy structure of 3.0 which will be announced at a later date.

The First 3.0. Event: Downfall 2019 - DEATHCON

We truly believe that the transition to the new system will be smooth for everyone with all the opportunities listed above, but we wanted to go one step further and provide direct support and additional assistance for everyone. For those that pre-reg, we’re asking that if you would like your sheet printed out and waiting at check in, you submit your final 3.0 build to your local branch no later than August 31st.

For the week of Downfall, we’ll have office hours starting at 2pm on Wednesday and from 10am to 2pm on Thursday, for players to come by and create their 3.0 character or swap out their items if they were not able to do so at home. This process will pause from 2pm Thursday and restart after game on, and will continue all weekend long during standard Ops hours.

On a local level, as no branch runs on the same weekend as Downfall, your branches may run a social event for you to trade out your items, build your new character, and participate in the non-attending experience for Downfall.

We’re excited to share 3.0 with you and hope this shines some light on the questions many of you have had.