Monday, June 24th, 2019 - Evolved Beta Notes

Download the dystopia rising: Evolved Rulebook

One week after the full public launch and we’re back for more notes. We want to remind you that you should absolutely download the Rulebook directly from the link above as otherwise you likely will be behind on updates.

Change log and feedback

Still strong as ever and can be found by clicking Change Log above. We’ve moved to weekly as the volume of feedback to branches has drastically increased and it’s gone from surface level to deep feedback. All of it that your branches bring directly to us is reviewed and we either help them respond back to you or we work to make updates. Please continue to work directly with your local branches as any emails sent directly to us will be cc’d to include them, so they can assist.

We ask that you remember that your branches are amazing caring people and the designers of this game are too. We want your feedback and our request for that feedback doesn’t end in September. We are here to collaborate with you to build something far more adaptive and responsive to the type of Larp we all want to be a part of.


If you downloaded the Rulebook from DriveThruRPG you’ll notice there was a new file today: Blueprints. The Blueprint Catalog added as a second downloadable file. When you download your updated rule book (DR  Beta V3) there is a second link for Blueprint Catalog Season 1 V1.0. As changes are made to prints there will be a public change log on the DR website as well as an update to this document.

That’s every single year one blueprint, available right from the start. We’re excited to get your feedback on it, same as for the Rulebook above. Future releases will include full visibility to match the network wide story for the year, the interests of the player base, and mechanical needs of the Dystopia Rising: Evolved system based on player feedback via Branches.

Advanced memberships and backbuy

Advanced Memberships change in Dystopia Rising: Evolved. You can find more information about theat in the changelog, including a link to purchase 1, 3, or 5 year at a discount. We’re keeping the 1 year price at $35 until September 2nd, 2019.

Don’t forget, backbuy ends for Dystopia Rising LARP Network on September 2nd, 2019. If you’d like to purchase any events for any of your characters, please reach out to your local branch for assistance.

We hope you enjoy the Rulebook. We’ll be back with more patch notes on July 1st.

- Dystopia Rising National Team

Dystopia Rising: Evolved - Rulebook Release

Download the dystopia rising: Evolved Rulebook

Today is an exciting day. After years of development, the Rulebook that will be in play as of Downfall 2019 is now live and we’re really excited to share it with all of you. This is an important milestone for us as our primary goal in this release was to accomplish two things:

  1. Provide you with three months to ingest the Rulebook before it’s brought into play.

  2. Show you first hand that we’re seriously about co-creation, sharing the spotlight, and transparency.

Each day in the past week since the Kickstarter Backers received their copies, we’ve spent hours with every Branch, listening to the feedback that they received from you, reviewing the book for any points of confusion on that feedback, then either empowering your Branch to respond for clarification or identifying that we needed to make a change. We focused on the big pieces of feedback first and made changes on a near daily basis to make sure that what went live today is one step closer to where we want it all to be.

As we move now into the public release, we want to be transparent that updates will switch to weekly, to give your Branches time to respond and consolidate your feedback, while giving us time to respond to the 20 branches in the network. We ask you to continue focusing on grammar, spelling, and layout issues along with asking questions and pointing out where you need more clarity. This process of feedback and updates will continue into the rulebooks launch, so we ask that preference based feedback be saved until we’ve all had six months of play, so that we can make informed changes or educated responses together. We hope the changelog shows you that we’re serious about feedback.


The original intent for the public release was a list of all blueprint names by category. The second revision was an excel spreadsheet. Thanks to the help of the design team and a generous volunteer, we have the stylized images you see in the changelog. There are nearly 300 prints with 3-4 tiers, so this process may take us until July 1st to release. However, it’ll be in a format that we’re proud of, that has a changelog, and can be download from DriveThruRPG to bring into play with you. Gone are the days of not knowing if your print updated or is no longer in play.


Sharing the spotlight

Gloria Budiman from SoCal has always been fantastic with the DRpaedia, we’re thankful for the hard work and addition to our community. Check out the character creator built on the Dystopia Rising: Evolved rules to plan out what you’d like to do with your characters come September.

We also want to remind you of Storm Seasons, the webcomic taking place in the Dystopia Rising LARP Network, written by Sam Bull and Ian Powell.

We’ve got a few more really great collaborations we’re excited to reveal in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

Advanced memberships and backbuy

Advanced Memberships change in Dystopia Rising: Evolved. You can find more information about theat in the changelog, including a link to purchase 1, 3, or 5 year at a discount. We’re keeping the 1 year price at $35 until September 2nd, 2019.

Don’t forget, backbuy ends for Dystopia Rising LARP Network on September 2nd, 2019. If you’d like to purchase any events for any of your characters, please reach out to your local branch for assistance.

We hope you enjoy the Rulebook. We’ll be back with more patch notes on June 24th.

- Dystopia Rising National Team

Monday, June 10th, 2019 - Evolved Beta Notes

Taking a page from our friends at Onyx Path, we’re going to work on providing additional transparency on changes we’ve made based on feedback. While we understand the rules are not public yet, it’s pretty apparent that they’re wide spread and we’re seeing a lot of great feedback that we want to act on.

At the bottom of THIS PAGE we’re going to keep a change log of the edits that we’re making, with dates, version of edit, and page numbers. Sometimes it takes a bit for DriveThruRPG to update the file so please be patient.

We are actively working on a format to share all details of all blueprints with you in the very near future. We want to make sure we get the formatting for this right as well so that it can be the primary source for all new blueprint updates going forward.

Another thing to note on the Maximum Casting option, our intention isn’t for you to do 6 hours straight. We’re working with Branches to define a better option, but assume that it will be the standard 4 hours then another block with 2 hours.

Please continue to submit awesome feedback to your local branches. We are all actively collaborating on these changes together. At this point, due to team size, we can’t directly field all of your feedback so messages direct to us about 3.0 will be cc’d to include your branch for assistance.

Thanks again for being so great.

- The Dystopia Rising Team

Dystopia Rising 3.0 Release Timeline

Hello Wastelanders!

We wanted to provide everyone an update on the 3.0 release schedule.

Rulebook Release

We expect to have the rulebook publicly released by mid June, with Kickstarter backers of Dystopia Rising: Evolved receiving the book one full week early.

3.0 Character Creation

Starting mid August and ending early September, all players will have the ability to log in and build out their 3.0 Character for their local Branch to approve. All infection will be fully reset and you will have your entire build pool opened up for you to recreate your current characters or create an entirely new character. It is up to you what you create with this character and you may fully utilize your build pool. As it is possible to still gain build between mid August and your first 3.0 event, you can spend any unspent build on your character before they start to enter play. After they’ve entered play, all build will be considered open build available for you to learn skills in play.

Your character can always be remade at the physical event, but please note that branches will focus on starting their 3.0 events on time and prioritize those already good to go with 3.0 before opening office hours to help you make the transfer on site.

3.0 Item Transfer

Starting August 1st, you can trade out your 2.0 items at your local branch. If you know you wont be attending again until 3.0 is live or can do without your 2.0 items to help with the transfer process, doing so early will help with this part of the transfer. It also will allow you to get an early preview of all the items, prints, and resources in 3.0.

You are absolutely able to complete this transfer at your first 3.0 event, however your local branch will set specific hours for when they are able to assist with that transfer, prioritizing starting the event over the item transfer.

Closing 2.0 Back Buy

September 2nd 2019 will be the last day available for purchasing 2.0 events that you’ve missed. For those of you looking to make purchases, please reach out to your local branch to review what’s available to you. This decision is part infrastructure, as we want to move away from the old database and the event structure is a large part of that, and part focus, with there being a new story component involved in the back buy structure of 3.0 which will be announced at a later date.

The First 3.0. Event: Downfall 2019 - DEATHCON

We truly believe that the transition to the new system will be smooth for everyone with all the opportunities listed above, but we wanted to go one step further and provide direct support and additional assistance for everyone. For those that pre-reg, we’re asking that if you would like your sheet printed out and waiting at check in, you submit your final 3.0 build to your local branch no later than August 31st.

For the week of Downfall, we’ll have office hours starting at 2pm on Wednesday and from 10am to 2pm on Thursday, for players to come by and create their 3.0 character or swap out their items if they were not able to do so at home. This process will pause from 2pm Thursday and restart after game on, and will continue all weekend long during standard Ops hours.

On a local level, as no branch runs on the same weekend as Downfall, your branches may run a social event for you to trade out your items, build your new character, and participate in the non-attending experience for Downfall.

We’re excited to share 3.0 with you and hope this shines some light on the questions many of you have had.

Event Teams: Evolved

Some of you may have noticed that the roles historically filled by two local “Directors” are now being done by a larger team. So, we wanted to fill you in on what’s going on.

Dystopia Rising isn’t the same creature it was 9 years ago. Running a single branch is a lot of work, definitely more work than two people can do alone. It has been on those two to solve every problem, answer every question, and manage every aspect of the game. We found areas were being neglecting that could be greatly improve by expanding the team.

One of our core beliefs has always been “Everyone Shambles”. We realized that our structure unintentionally went against this belief, creating a version of what we’ve seen for a very long time in Larps, the hierarchy of “Kings/Queens”. Our goal has always been to co-create stories and experiences and we came to realize that our OOC structure didn’t reflect that.

So, in the spirit of change, we have removed the Director position from the network.

What does this mean for you, the player?

The answer is: a better experience. You’ll see new faces join the team that run the events for you. Some will be working behind the scenes handling emails, social media, and marketing. Some will be at events, doing things like executing story or focusing on visual design. You’ll see the people who filled the “Director” roles step back to focus on the business side or take on a more focused position, in areas where they are strongest. And while its’ not one size fits all for every branch, what you will see is more people dedicated to making sure that you have the best event possible.

So, what do you call these people?


Who is a Guide?

Everyone with a Guide pin (we will slowly be phasing out the old Marshal Pins). Owner, employee, and formerly Marshals alike.

What happens at an event when you have a question or issue?

Find anyone with a Guide/Marshal pin. They will either answer your question or get you to the person who can do so.

Guides are trained and available to answer most of your questions directly. In the instance that they can’t, they’ll go with you to Ops, where the Guide managing the desk will be able to reach out to the appropriate person through walkie-talkies. No Guides nearby? Head directly to Ops. Our goal is to help you and then get you back into play as fast as possible.

We know that a bigger, well trained team means better events and better experiences, and we’re excited for 2019 to be the best year of Dystopia Rising to date.

Got questions? Email your local branch directly!

Dystopia Rising LARP Network Now Hires Story Writers as Contracted Writers

The LARP industry functions on a lot of “existing standards,” where things are done a certain way because that is the way they have always been done. Over many years, hundreds of games have had some form of senior player that is trusted with helping people with rules calls and organizing NPCs. In addition, one of the standard staples of LARP organization has been the idea of the "Story Teller" as a person who writes plot and story, and then comes to game and makes those stories become a live event. Story Tellers have been rewarded with character bonuses, free attendance to game, or other perks for this deeper level of involvement.

Looking at the standard of what a “Story Teller” has been across the U.S. LARP industry for years, we saw a gap. Traditionally, Story Tellers were undertaking two different roles: the role of a writer and the role of a marshal. Between events, Story Tellers were writing and producing content while being given guidelines, due dates, and direction for revisions. This written content would then be organized by the Director as needed for a weekend and then run during the event. While it is fine to entrust players with more responsibilities at game, it isn’t a best practice to have those players do something beyond a normal NPC shift’s worth of involvement without dividing the aspect that could be considered “work” from the aspect that is “play.” With this in mind, Dystopia Rising will be instituting a new standard.

To create a new and better practice, Dystopia Rising is taking the following steps, effective August 1, 2017.

1) The position of Story Teller as it has been defined traditionally in LARP is being discontinued within the Dystopia Rising LARP Network.

2) Dystopia Rising chapters will now be hiring Story Writers as freelance writers. This will involve an application, contract, and pay-by-the-word with minimum and maximum word counts per module. It will also include an assigned minimum and maximum number of modules each month.

3) Dystopia Rising writers will be contracted as freelancers and able to list themselves as contracted freelance writers, event entertainment designers, or professional game writers on their resumes, as they see fit.

4) Contracted writers do not necessarily need to be active attendees to a single game. Talented writers may be contracted to write unique and different content for multiple different Dystopia Rising franchises and even be hired to write multiple month story arcs for local implementation.

5) Writers may be rehired based on quality of content, player response, and promptness of writing regarding deadlines.

6) All Marshal NPC blocks will be shortened to 4 hours, the same as any NPC shift.

7) Marshals will now be given 60 assistance points per shift. Marshals will be able to convert Assistance Points for the purchasable build that they could otherwise pay for with money. Marshals cannot earn more build than a standard player. This is an “either” option, not “and.”

8) Story Tellers who wish to still organize shifts as a team member can discuss with their Directors about becoming a Marshal separate to being a contracted writer. Being a writer is not dependent on being a Marshal and being a Marshal is not dependent on being a writer. A writer who chooses to also be a Marshal will not necessarily be scheduled at the same time that their modules are run.

9) In addition to Coordination, Settings, and Rules Marshals we will now have the position of Ops Marshal.   

10) Ops Marshals will manage the modules via White Board and serve as lead Marshal in a NPC block to coordinate with the Settings Marshals and Rules Marshals to send out NPCs and modules during their 4 hour NPC shift.

We’re very excited to make this next level change to the network and thank you for being a part of it!