Dystopia Rising: Evolved

Our latest ruleset, Dystopia Rising: Evolved, is publicly available here, on DriveThruRPG.com and will be in play starting at Downfall 2019 on September 12th, 2019. This page will serve as a staging area for all Dystopia Rising: Evolved information until we are fully live with the new rules set.

Memberships: Evolved

Our largest shift in the new rulebook has been a focus on the Player and Experience. All Dystopia Rising players receive a Basic Membership by default. In 2.0, that meant that you could only have two characters total and would need to pay for each of them to play. In Dystopia Rising: Evolved, all players regardless of membership type can have three characters.

  • Purchasing a ticket with a Basic Membership allows you to pick any one of your three characters to play that weekend.

  • Purchasing a ticket with an Advanced Membership checks in all three of your characters for you to play that weekend.

Advanced Membership will provide you 2 build per character per year.

Until September 2nd, 2019, your first year of Advanced Membership will stay at the price of $35. After that date, it will increase to $65.

Event Costs

Page 92 in the Evolved Rulebook details out all of the ticket types for our new system. As pricing is subject to change over time, we will keep a parallel copy of this information on the website for you reference.

Casting is our term for your shift behind the scenes where you’ll be portraying a zed, visiting merchants, raider, etc.

  • Casting Opt-Out - 0 Hours - $100

  • Minimum Casting - 2 Hours - $85

  • Standard Casting - 4 Hours - $65

  • Maximum Casting - 6 Hours - $45

For all games at all Branches, you will always be able to purchase a Standard Casting ticket. Each Branch will be able to set the number of tickets available for the other three options based on their player base and event needs.

Purchasing any of these tickets provides a player with a Basic Membership the full build available to them as detailed on page 91 for a single character. For players with an Advanced Membership, all three characters receive the full build available for that same ticket price.

  • 10 Hour Attendance - 2 Hours - $35

  • New Player - 4 Hours - $35

  • Non-Attendance - 0 Hours - $65

Each of these three options, regardless of membership type, provides benefit only for one single character. While New Player and Non-Attendance provide build at the rate listed on page 91, 10 Hour Attendance will only provide 1 build point.

Each ticket comes with the all available build, there is no additional build to purchase nor is there any other conversion for build.

Dystopia Rising: Evolved will not offer back buying events. All 2.0 buybacks will need to be handled before September 2nd, 2019.

New player program

We’re actively working on our updated database. One of the big features we want to provide is that when you bring a new player to Dystopia Rising, you’re rewarded with 1 build at their first event and 1 build at their third event. There is no limit to the number of New Players that you can bring to an event as we want to encourage you to share Dystopia Rising.

Guide benefits

Benefits for being part of the Guide team in Dystopia Rising: Evolved include:

  • One Community Achievement awarded at 3 months service each year (reset at Downfall)

  • Guides can bring one new player to every home game for free.

  • 2 free months added to their Advanced Membership

  • 10% discount on all Dystopia Rising Merch

Blueprint List

Part of your free Rulebook download includes a secondary file, cataloguing the entirety of all blueprints available in Evolved. This will be a living document with a change log to make sure that everyone knows what they can build, use, what’s changed, and what’s new.

Trade in store

Trade in store details are now live HERE and will be handled directly by your branch or at the Downfall 2019 event.

Character Migration

Before September, all of your characters will be melted down into the new database. All of your character info will be put in the notes field and you will be given access to create your 3.0 character. We’ll have more details on this process soon.

Feedback Process

We’d like everyone to have some time with the book before we begin accepting feedback. Before we start running Dystopia Rising: Evolved, we want to focus on aspects of the rule book that are unclear to you. Preference is a big part of this hobby and so we ask that feedback on that level is reserved until after we are actively running in this system. The book will stay digital for a full year to make sure that we have the most complete source available before we put it in print. We thank you for your feedback and for following along with our format.


June 9th, 2019 - Beta v1

  • Build growth was updated: P.92
    Home Events 1-12: 8 Build (Original - Home Events 1-6: 6 Build / Events 7-12: 5 Build)
    Home Events 13-24: 4 Build (Original - Home Events 13-18: 4 Build / Events 19+: 3 Build)
    Home Events 25+: 3 Build

  • Build costs for tiers was updated: P.96
    Tier 2 Barrier: 90 Build (Original - 110 Build)
    Tier 3 Barrier: 180 Build (Original - 275 Build)

  • Tainted have been updated to be at Tier 2 Bad Brain instead of 3. P.55

June 10th, 2019 - Beta V2

  • Clarification of CvC. P.151-155

  • Adjustment of Rover “flaw”. P.45

  • Addition of “escape from combat” mechanic for Enhanced Movement. P.121

  • Interfere changed to zero mind point cost. P.111

  • Correct error where Standard Casting ticket was identified as “limited”. It has always been intended to be unlimited.

  • Removal of "denied Strains" at games, instead allowing Branches to set background and costuming approval. All strains can be played at all games with approval.

  • Removal of having Characters at multiple chapters, to reduce logistical and customer service demands.

June 11th, 2019 - Beta V3

  • Adjustment of CvC language to include "common sense check in" for non-wastelands environment interactions. P.151-155

  • Adjustment of Irons trait to allow for use of stealth skills, but adding a role-play aspect to the play. P.67

  • Addition of "how to carry your dying friend". P.102

  • Addition of "how to carry your dying friend, quickly" in the Enhanced Movement skill. P.121

  • Brawlers brought to 21 instead of 20 to prevent phys-reps having to be rebuilt. P.31

  • Grammatical changes

  • Adjusting page listing in index.

June 13th, 2019 - Beta V4

  • Page 92: Casting Only shift added.

  • Page 92: Note on Casting Shifts

  • Page173 & 174: References to “Strain Flaws” was corrected to “Strain Traits”

  • Page 65: Irons – May disappear instead of will disappear for scars and ink. This leaves it for player discretion.

  • Page 39: Townie Advantage modified

  • Page 43: Nomad Advantage modified

  • Page 56: Landsman Advantage modified

  • Page 60: Devoted Advantage modified

  • Page 64: Evolved Advantage modified

june 14th, 2019 - Beta v5

  • Page 2,3: Table of Contents adjusted after content edits

  • Page 52: Mutant Advantage adjusted to re-balance

  • Page 53: Remnant trait adjusted for full scope of obsessions instead of being focused on addictions

  • Page 82: Flavor text adjusted to say “Higher Power”

  • Page 109: Basic Combat Tactics “Double Tap” cost dropped to 1

June 24th, 2019 - Beta v6

  • Page 59: Quiet Folk - Quiet Folk are inspired by small town horror movies and "hive minded" cultures while being a minor commentary on cliques. We have gotten feedback that the description can have parallels made to the Amish community. Since this isn't the intent or inspiration, the 3 paragraph generalized description will be reviewed and adjusted again in house and again by our sensitivity reader with that specific focus.

  • Page 62: Adjustment to Red Star trait. It states that Red Star do not believe in religion, however, a number of mechanics in the anomaly section require having a faith. The Red Star trait has been modified to allow Red Star to use “Faithful” Anomaly skills with individuals who are not baptized to a faith who are members of their community / cell (Society Membership). This is to allow usage of the skill without breaking the spirit of non-religion.

  • Page 72-87 – Taken from the new TTRPG source, many of the faiths had reference to “God”. We removed “God” and replaced it to references to “higher powers” or “deities”.

  • Page 108 - Row for Anomaly, section one, has the word "basic" added to each Tier 1 skill for layout continuity.

  • Pages 109-111: We had thought it was self-explanatory that you called the skill name for the skill you intended to use for combat skills, but did not actually write it down anywhere. The phrase “and say (skill name)” has been added to the following skills.

    • Avoid, Balance, Blinding, Break, Choking Blow, Take Down

  • Page 111: Piercing Strike has been increased to 5 Mind Points due to CvC and range combinations. The choice was to either increase the cost or to make it so that ranged attacks (5 damage attacks) could no longer use piercing Strike. While the mind-point cost does not prevent it from being useful with ranged attacks, it does prevent the math of “cost of 1 mind per 5 body attack from range vs cost of 5 mind to avoid said attack”. The 5->1 ratio was unbalanced.

  • Page 150: Option for 45 degree swings for 2-handed weapons added

  • Page 151 - Clarification to reload time added for when two guns are being used in Florentine

  • Page 152: Looting a body added

  • Page 170 – Standardized time requirements for setting traps were added to the Trap item description. This allows anyone to set traps without mind-point cost, as long as they have the equipment and the time, and outlines how Master mechanics on trap item cards can be activated and notated.

  • In a layout repair, at one point we pulled old text from an earlier version of the book layout. This was to repair the Kinds of Item Cards section. We forgot that after the point in time where we pulled the item card reference we went back to remove references to an hour delay system for brews and item cards. We didn't intend on putting that back in, but, we also didn't notice that it carried over with last weeks update. The reference to hour delays on brews and meals has again be removed, and beaten with a baseball bat so that it doesn't show up again.

  • Page 174 - Reiteration of the fact that once a player hits zero resolve during an event, they can no longer use Resolve skills (from page 148 ). The section on 148 has been missed by many players, to the point where some thought it a new addition, so this content is being repeated in multiple sections where Resolve is outlined as to ensure it is not missed. In 3.0 we have done away with "number of uses per 12s" as a skill limiter. Honest players were following this guideline, but dishonest players were using "limit per 12s" or "One use per event" skills more than they were supposed to. With the Resolve based system players can use them during the event when they wish based on when they want to expend their resolve (and how), and know that if they would like to prevent from bottoming out and gaining a Fracture they can do so. This does allow players to regain Resolve before hitting rock bottom via existing skills in game. Resolve is not something easily regained, and brews / meals will not refill resolve pools.

  • Inhaled – Description changed to show that you don’t need to smoke to represent that your character is smoking.

July 1st, 2019 - Beta v6

  • Page 31: Melee Two-Handed now states it requires two hands instead of relying on the fact that it says “two-handed” in its name.

  • Page 121: Tree Nuts added to Basic Foraging.

  • Page 122: Basic Salvaging language has been made to match the design of Proficient Salvaging to prevent confusion. Because similar sentences were said in different ways, players thought it meant different general processes.

  • Page 106: Under “Stunned” the idea of dropping things that you were carrying was being considered a disarm. The words “are dropped” was removed from the language but “may be removed” has been kept. Being Stunned is not intended to work as a combination of immobility and “nerve punch,” but instead as temporary immobility and the ability for others to take equipment away.

  • Page 151-152: “Foam Darts” has been replaced with “Foam Projectiles” due to feedback that the language “Foam Darts” indicated that all range mock weapons were REQUIRED to fire darts (no foam balls or other means).

  • Page 151: A limit of 50 total darts and packets for guns being carried on a person has been put in place. While there is no limit to how many you bring, staff was worried that “unlimited” could (and would) be abused by players ignoring the concept of spirit of the rules, by using one of the multiple hundred ball loader mods for their gun or carrying around a backpack full of packets that they would drop and just throw from endlessly. Sadly, we could not argue a situation where we could not see someone doing this, so a reasonable limitation to the volume of bullets on a person at a time (regardless of the number of guns) has been put in place. This is not something we anticipate having to be hard enforced unless players abuse total bullet carry rules by bringing buckets of bullets.

  • Page 152: Nocking an arrow gesture added to bow related packet throwing.

  • Page 152: Safety Pause has been changed to Safety Hold, since it is easier to say and the sound is clearer. This still requires saying the full “Safety Hold” instead of just “hold” This cuts down on the number of times people stop when the word “hold” is used in combat or in conversation but doesn’t completely move away from something we are used to.

  • Guide Benefits updated toward the top of page.

  • Blueprint Changes

    • Emotion focus RP brews removed and will be rewritten and reviewed post launch (or cut altogether if unable to be recreated with the original intent).

    • Shepherd of the Land prints have been added where they were missing before.

    • Sample “Startup Blueprints” have been added.

July 9th, 2019 - Beta v7

  • Page 32: Additional occurrences of the word “Darts” changed to “Projectiles”

  • Page 32: Conflict of reload time. In additional documentation and later in the book it states 6 second for reloading, here it states 3 seconds. Correct time is 6 seconds. This delay is part of the balance of the DPS variance between melee which have a 1 second reset pause and firearms which should have a 6 second reload.

  • Page 32: Removal of the word “clip”. A clip and a magazine are different, and accuracy for equipment may suggest something different to a person who knows the difference between a clip and magazine. Since the term was used for aesthetic and roleplay suggestion and not vital, it has just been removed.

  • Page 34: Missed indent before “We evolved…” and “Guides…”

  • Page 93: Sentence structure correction.

  • Page 97: Layout – indent before “Skills…” and “Taking…”

  • Page 105: Correct “darts” to “projectiles”

  • Page 151: Conflict of reload time. Earlier it states 6 seconds for reloading, here it states 3. With that, the time for reloading 2 guns should be 12 not 6.

July 16th, 2019 - Beta V8

  • General change: layout adjustment: as artwork is coming in, layout will evolve to incorporate these pieces. This will make the index incorrect, but once artwork is settled the index will be updated. Until then, please do not rely on it.

  • Page 21 Correction from “six” to “eight”

  • Page 105-106: Exotic weapons added to ranged definition as well. Exotic weapons are a category of oddball equipment that can be either ranged equipment OR melee strike delivery equipment. Each Exotic Weapon blueprint will outline how they are used. Exotic weapons include things such as heavy munitions, “weapons” that really shouldn’t be weapons, and non-standardized melee style weapons that normal melee weapon training would not cover.

  • Page 125: Added the ability for Master Hunting secondary advantage to be able to have up to 15 players on requested module.

  • Page 151: 50 bullets changes to 60 because of multiples of 6

  • Page 152: 50 bullets changed to 60

  • Page 161-163: Adjusted for change relating to generic items (see todays blog post)

Blueprint changes:

  • Bigol Armor – Master changed to “Spend 20 Mind and 1 Resolve. make a loud rally cry to call, ‘Area of Effect: All Allies Heal 5 Mind.’" Instead of just 20 Mind. While this still is powerful when combined with multiple individuals with the skill and armor, it is not infinite as Resolve has been added to the expenditure.

  • Mind Refresh Meals: Servings have been increased from 2 to 3. This increases the functionality based on cost investment.

July 30th, 2019 - Beta v9

  • Pg. 96,97,98: Tier two experience requirement dropped from 90 to 50 experience points. While the original design concept was to have longer periods of time at Tier 1 skill level, the argument was made that with a number of characters being created with experience points based on DR 2.x characters, that the only people who would be part of that experience tier would be people new to 3.0. This change has been dropped to 50 to represent a desire to “flatten the growth curve” more for new players. We will continue, with the first wave of post-startup blueprints to focus on lower skill items (more unique and flavorful items than our initial foundation) with the understanding that both new players and establish players will be experiencing these items for the first times.

    A vote was asked for from the open-to-staff evolved group, and 15 of 50 current members voted on the change. All 15 votes were to make the change. These sorts of votes happen regularly, where the one prior was to pass the suggested change of making generic items sold between players to not require item cards. That vote had 19 of 50 current members voting, of which 19 votes were in favor of the change.

  • Pg. 126: Master Malicious has had a verbal call of “Death Stalk” when used.

  • Pg. 122, 124, 127, 162: Explanation of salvage cards added to basic, proficient, and master salvage. This explanation mirrors the mechanics on the salvage cards themselves. On 162 it is clarified that ANYONE can take salvage cards from fallen characters (IE Raiders) but the appropriate level of the Salvaging skill is needed to turn these Salvage item cards into resource cards at the Public Works. These details are outlined also on the Salvaging cards. This system change was to prevent players from taking the weapon and shield physical representations from Raiders (having items get lost) as well as allow for larger threat Raiders with better equipment to produce better resources.

  • Pg. 114, 115,116,117,118,119: Redundancy of “interruption causes loss of resources and time restarts” has been removed since the following list of skills all outline “Full Engagement” as a requirement, which already states that interruption causes loss of resources and skills: artisan, culinary, larceny, medical.

  • Pg. 110 - Break has had language added to it to explain what happens with non supply bag containers that have items in them as well as trapped objects that have the Break skill used on them. Break will automatically trigger all attached traps and crafted locked containers that contain items that have the Break skill used on them will also break the items inside the container.

    This is to prevent mechanics relating to unlocking from being circumnavigated by continuous "Link shattering the pots instead of reaching in them" uses of Break

  • Basic Pg. 114 - Medical adjustment: Time required for stopping bleed out has been reduced to 1 minute instead of 2 minutes. We had planned on low cost equipment to reduce the time, but it was brought up that having the item requirement only makes using the skill difficult for new players.

  • Artwork layout – Commissioned artwork continues to come in, and as it is ready, it is being worked into the layout as needed. As adjustments based on feedback continue, and artwork continues to come in, this will result in the page numbers needing adjusting. As to not waste labor the page numbers at the start of the layout will be updated closer to the end.

    This artwork includes our in-character brand logos starting to be completed to match the blueprint development going forward. One of the things we wanted to do with Evolved was to create narratives, stories, and identifiable tags or logos for the character groups that come up with the designs for items. This RP will be regionally focused instead of nationally focused, with production group related stories tied into regions of the us.