What Does Network Play Mean? 

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You may be asking yourself what is the "network" when it comes to the Dystopia Rising LARP Network.

To explain this, we need to go a little bit into how the business and operations of the entire network function. Dystopia Rising is registered and filed as a legal franchise. What this means is that individual business owners look at what the original Dystopia Rising has done, and have approached the owners of the network for licensing rights to do do the same thing in their own town. This offers the individual game runner advantages because it provides standardized rules, published resources, education, and a network of fellow Directors (game owners) to work with and function along side.

With this in mind, each Dystopia Rising game is its own privately owned business. These businesses agree to function and abide by standard rules and genre materials provided by the creators of the Dystopia Rising Development team, and in exchange they have right to run their business and oversee their community within their region. These businesses benefit from a shared database of resources, shared network of communication, and the ability for players to travel from their home game to another game on the road.

What difference this means in regards to what many LARPers are accustomed to, is that the owner of the private business in many instances has the final say. Many social club gaming communities have massive bureaucracy trees with tiers upon tiers of individuals that need to be spoken to for a decision to be made. As a franchise business, each individual Director and business owner functions the same as a small business owner / operator. If there is an issue where someone believes a branch owner is violating the standard operations guideline, or more importantly the law, they can report this issue to the Franchisor company Dystopia Rising LLC.

In the instance that a participant in the Dystopia Rising Network acts in such an egregious nature that a Director feels they need to be banned from the entire network as a whole, a Director can bring a request for network ban in front of the collective Directors (over 30 individuals) for discussion and review as their peers. This review process allows the fellow Directors within the network of individual franchises the ability to oversee and review reasons why an individual has been banned from the Dystopia Rising LARP Network. As the owners and operators of the interlinked Dystopia Risings LARPS, the oversight and support of neighboring chapters is vital in continued operations. In the instance that a Director has over-reached their intended scope of authority for any reason, the network of franchise owners will have the ability to discuss the issue with the initiating Director. 

Network wide bans are commonly reserved for individuals who break laws, endanger the community, threaten community members in physical/verbal/or sexual means, routinely breach the networks code of conduct, are incapable of following standardized rules of play, or otherwise caused their presence in the network community to be more of a detriment than positive experience. When a Director takes the action to ban an individual from the network as a whole, the Director (individual business owner) understands the severity and related response that often comes with modern internet culture. Bans are not taken lightly.  


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