WELCOME to Dystopia Rising LARP NEtwork

Once a month in 21 states around the country, hundreds of people come together at their local Dystopia Rising branch for a full weekend immersive experience from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. During that time, you'll play a character completely of your own creation within the world of Dystopia Rising, where you'll explore a living world with elements similar to tabletop/video games, improv theater, haunted house/escape room, and wasteland weekend type experiences.

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There is no script for you to follow for our events. Become your character--do what they would do in any situation you find yourself in. Do what you think is going to be interesting and fun for you while keeping in mind the feelings and fun of the players around you. The goal isn't to "win the game”, but rather to have an exciting adventure and come away with amazing stories to tell.

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All of our adventures are built cooperatively. The organizers build the basics of the world and the characters, and the participants bring those characters to life through their actions, costumes, and ideas. The story emerges organically from the interactions and cooperation between everyone, with results cooler and wilder than any one of us could create alone! While our characters might oppose each other, as players, we're all friends working together to tell a story.

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The primary point that we want to drive home to you is that this entire network, is a group of people who have decided to spend their weekend together having fun. As you start to dig through all of this, we ask you to join our Facebook Page to start interacting with those already participating. There are a lot of us and we'd like to get to know you to help make your time at Dystopia Rising an absolute blast.

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