“The Boneyard?.”

The old man looked up from the communal fire shared by those headed out to Deadman’s Reach, his voice loud and sure, “They call it the Boneyard”, he began, “they call it the Boneyard, but what it really is...is a chaotic tidal marsh. It is full of ever-changing islands and channels. It’s bones are the remains of trade ships, many of which carried rare cargo from all around the wastes, smashed against the rocks by the storms.” 

“During this time of the year the great storms die down, but  powerful rip tides remain periodically, that drag anyone caught in it’s wake directly out to sea. Even Saltwise die this way. There are those that know the way to cross these chaotic waters, those that know when the tides will come and go. The Ferrymen. There are very few of them. They are the only way to get to the Boneyard. They are stern, unwavering and un-talkative folk that work on a very strict schedule, and do not stay for those that tarry.”

“Of course there are always some brave souls seeking the Boneyard’s treasures. Rumors abound of hidden treasure, secret maps, and rare scrap to be found. The most exotic and rarest herbs grow among the wreckage. It is said that the rip tides will sometimes batter the wrecks, shifting pieces from place to place. New paths will emerge where there was none before on a previous trip. With each crashing wave and sweep of the tide, more mysteries and treasures are revealed. I have heard that some of the merchants gathering for this Grand Bazaar are navigating it’s treacherous terrain as we speak, looking for the exotic and unique wares that will earn a fair trade in the market.”

“But there is more danger there... there are things that live there, that are quite dangerous, and prey upon  those that venture there. The ferrymen will always limit your number, so choose wisely, and be prepared. In the end, the sea is a cruel mistress, and you are at the mercy of the waves if you tarry too long.”