“The Grand Bazaar, at Deadman’s Reach ...that’s where we are headed!”, said the merchant to his tired partners. He stopped their typical complaints at this stop with his bravado and vigor. “And with a bigger load than we ever haul! That’s the reason we aren’t stopping at the other Settlements, we need to maximize our profits! Let me tell you, there are places in the world where if you look hard, haggle well, and are appropriately lucky, you can find any treasure your heart desires.  Many survivors go their entire lives and only find such places a few times, and even less are prepared when the opportunity comes!”

He smiled wide, having now caught their attention. “But such is not our luck my friends, we are a fortunate company sitting around the fire tonight, because word is flying through the caravan routes of this Bazaar. The Saltwise bring treasures from the deepest reaches of the ocean, and every merchant who can scrape together a decent load of goods or currency is headed there now! We will see everything under the sun sold there, and more!  All this means we can’t just walk in like a normal trade day, we need to keep our head about us and have at least an understanding, if not an actual plan.”

“With so many merchants showing up from all over, we’re going to need to break out our different monies from under the buckboard”, he explained. “If we try to do all our business in Trade Notes we’ll run out quick, and once we get into the local stuff they are going to want what spends back home.  Not everyone is going to be there all at the same time, I expect different caravans and boats will be setting up stalls for days.  We’ll do the same, set up for an hour or so, sell our stock, then pack up and go.  Our buyers are going to need to keep watching the stalls as long as we can stick around, so be ready to jump on different opportunities! When we run out of stock, there’s a local treasure trove ripe for the picking. They call it the Boneyard. We can hire some some of the more naive to go in there and make us rich, yeah?”

“Make sure to sell everything we brought, unless we find a few choice pieces that might be worth more elsewhere. And keep an eye for that right gem of a deal I heard the Outrider Clan found. I want first dibs on it!” He paused, noticing the yawns from many. “ Alright now, get some sleep. We leave the way-station at first light.”