Welcome to The Moon baby, you're gonna die!

For generations folks have wondered what the heck that thing in the sky is. You know the truth, you live the truth, you live on The Moon. Somehow, someway, or by some drunken design, you've landed yourself smack dab in the galaxies biggest mess: Lunar-Gravemind-Bullshit™. Its now up to you to battle the undead and put friends/foes/random people/that one guy in your crew that won’t quit bringing food into the cabin/anybody into the airlock at Dystopia Rising: The Moon!

Welcome to The Moon

If you get the Science! right (or in most cases horribly wrong) you may find yourself on The Moon! Some people arrive by just waking up covered in dust with no idea how they got here. Some are ZAPPED into a nearby wealthy space station. But most end up dotting the landscape in failed rocket ships, killing themselves on impact. Luckily, that just means theres tons of space-junk to build cool shit with.

The people living on The Moon don’t give a crap about where you’re from, or how you got here. Save that stuff for somebody else. We're on The Moon, all that other shit is in the past. You're living on THE FUCKING MOON, thats dope as hell, seize the moment!

Behind all the Science! we're not gonna explain or all the "reasons" you shouldn’t be here is a deeper terror: MoonDoodz. Who are these MoonDoodz? I've never heard of a MoonDoodz. Wtf is a MoonDoodz? Can I be their friend? Can I love a MoonDoodz? Can MoonDoodz love me?

Well, you're here now, and stuck for good. Theres a lot of cool stuff to do on The Moon. Try not to get ripped apart by anything terrible the locals neglected to mention. Oh and a bunch of bad stuff is gonna happen, probably devastating your life forever.

Woohoo! Go Moon!

Introducing: The Moonero