Word is that there is a team of egg heads trying to catch certain raiders which are showing signs of rampant mutation. They want to get teams together to cut them up and understand why the raiders are mutating. 

I don't know who has the ties to the Iron Works, but word is that there is a "heavy ordnance vehicle" in the area looking to gun down some Heavy Raiders.

Tink... Tink. Where have I heard that name before? Is that the Rover who thinks they are a Diesel Jock? WAIT! WHAT? She is coming here?! I gotta go... I have this really horrible case of not-being-run-over brewing that I need to take care of.

The Warpath have started to work with Thrill Kill, Heavy Raiders, and Dead Eye Raider clans. I don't know how they keep the swarms in order, but they do.

Merchants from the Trade Union are coming into the area to buy and sell. Word is you can get bulks of  Drift Plastic, Koa Wood, Evergreen Bamboo, Tuscarora Heartwood, and many other hard to find scraps, herbs, and prints. That is, of course, if you have the influence of income to sit at the table. 

There is a ship locked in one of the lakes. Looks like it was brought in at high tide and got stuck there. Places has turned into a rather nice location for a secluded den of cut throats and less desirable folk. The Salt Wise oversee the place, and serve some of the finest ale with stories to share if you got a gift to talk to bartenders.

An electrified fence could increase our defenses, but the generator will require keeping the crank turning day and night. Maybe we can get some irons to turn the wheel.

High ranking members of many faiths are building temples and territories for their faith. I hear even the Court of Kings and Queens has put together a "USO SHOW". 

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