Rules Questions

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” 

This should not be your first stop if you have a rules question. If you have a general rules question, please ask your game Director. Directors are given a huge volume of resources to assist you. If a Director does not have the answer, they have a full team of support and resources to get the answer you need. So if you have a general rules question that you can't find the answer to in the book, please first ask you're local Director.  Their contact information will be on your home games web page.

Questions submitted here go to our National team. Rules submitted to the national network should be in relation to the mechanical design of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network or concerns in relation to a particular branch. Questions submitted will likely not be answered directly. They will be edited and included in the FAQ every few months. 

You will not receive a response or see you're question on the FAQ if it is: 

1. Not a rules question
2. Answered by quoting a page number or text from the book
3. About your personal character and not the rules as a whole.

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