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Check-In Request Generation
You may generate your check-in request prior to arrival on site. This does not require pre-paying for the event. 
The link to generate a check-in request is >>HERE<<

If you pre-register, you must also generate your check-in request ahead of time. If you do not pre-generate your check-in, you will have to wait in a separate line and your check-in will be delayed.

Anyone preregistered may arrive on site at 2pm and pick up their envelope in Ops. If you have compatriots who have not done so, they will have to wait in the parking lot until 3pm. 

Anyone who purchases 10 additional build on a character received one (1) Blood Note, to be assigned to any character of yours that you choose. (IE: The character that gets the build does not have to be the one who owns the Blood Note.) 

You may preregister for DOWNFALL even if you suspect you won’t be able to make the event. You will be awarded any build earned/purchased. Those who do not attend the event do not earn a self-teach, check-in skills, Blood Note, or any other perks awarded to those who attend the event. 

We allow players to preregister their base attendance and then purchase additional build, characters etc at the door. This will slow down your check-in, as you will have to wait in the regular line. However, there are no restrictions if you chose to do so. If this is your intention, do not pre-generate a check-in request and please include a note indicating as such in your purchase. 

Character Play and Swapping
Players will be allowed an additional character switch during the event. This may also include playing a third character. 

Non-Attending Registration 
Players not attending may still purchase the event for the build. Players who do not attend do not receive any bonuses of attending, but do receive the purchased base and additional build at the same time as those attending. Players not attending do not need to generate a check-in request.

While buy back is not available for National events, those who purchase the base attendance may purchase the additional build at a later date. Those requests should be emailed to 

Spending Assistance Points
Only National Assistance Points may be spent at a National Event. Assistance Points earned at the event may be spent for any item on the AP list in the book. AP Build may only be converted at check-in with AP that is already in the system. AP earned after check-in may not be used to convert for build.

The event donations list will be posted mid June.

Liability Waivers
If you have not filled out a waiver with Imagine Nation Collective LLC (NJ, NY or last years Downfall), you will need to fill one out. This can be filled out before the event and emailed to When listing an emergency contact, be sure to list someone who is not also attending the event. 
Download the waiver here: Imagine Nation Waiver

If you purchase 10 build for a single character at DOWNFALL that character receives the ability to self-teach one single skill or profession that would otherwise require a teacher. Like any other skill, it is not available until the next 12s. 
Professions become available at their next event. 

Any restrictions that otherwise apply are still in effect. It must be a skill available to you via one of your lists or the Open List and any pre-reqs must have already been learned. You may self-teach any skill, profession, or advanced profession skills (not Advanced Professions) that is available to your character. Advanced Profession skills that require Director or Regional definition prior to approval may not be self-taught. 

This self-teach must be added on at check-in and signed approved by a Downfall Director or Network Directors at check-in before entering play. This can not be saved for later. Self-teaches not used at check-in will be lost. 

Check-In Skills 
As all characters at DOWNFALL will be traveling to the event without anyone having the event as a home game, no check in skills will be allowed at the event. Instead, a number of unique trade and resource opportunities will be made available to any character that enters play with a check in skill. 

These unique trade and resource opportunities include situations such as characters with Big Dig being able to engage a real life Jonesing adventure, characters with Trade Ties and Deep Pockets gaining access to purchase resources and materials only available at national events, characters with animal handling being able to engage in farming specific modules for unique resources, and players with income being able to engage in investment and influential conflicts and negotiations events. There are more unique check in events and opportunities available based on all of the check in skills which will be announced

No unique item cards may be brought to DOWNFALL.


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