NPC Ops 

NPC Ops is located near the entrance with a large sign out front. This is the location to report to for your NPC shift. 
- Please arrive here 10 minutes before your shift starts.
- Dress is basic blacks and no character make-up. Do not arrive in your characters costume or "street" clothes. Zombies don't wear jeans and a band t-shirt. 
- NPCs are welcome to bring a water bottle, a snack and any needed meds. Do not bring valuables, as we are not responsible for keeping track of your belongings. 
- Do not bring your character sheet. You will check in and out of your shift with the marshal at the desk. 

All Full Time NPCs need to be ready for an incredibly physically demanding weekend. All FULL TIME NPCs will be assigned to Michael Pucci for the duration of the weekend. This includes eating, sleeping, and traveling as NPCs for the majority of the weekend without restriction to hours of operation and/or engagement. This will include extensive lifting, running, carrying, and physical labor combined with extensive costume and makeup applications. There will be a cap to Full Time NPCs.


All crafting, item card creation or changes and the like is done at the "Post Office". This is an in-character location. 
- Crafting projects must be brought to the Post Office on a one project basis. When coming to the window you will be allowed to hand in 1 project or 3 prints per visit. 1 project can mean crafting an item all the way, making a batch of 1 brew (up to 10 servings) or making the components and using them to make an item.
- Scrounge and Chop cards can be turned at the Post Office for the appropriate item. 
- You can also send a letter from this location, entirely IC. 

So come on down to the Post Office. Mail a letter, register a weapon, or talk to our lovely postal workers! Neither woe, nor blood, nor sin or pain will prevent us from getting you your scrounge. We're happy to see you!

Checking In and Out during the event

Checkin in and out while the event is going is done at NPC Ops. 


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