Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 - Evolved Beta Notes

Happy Tuesday!

As always, let’s start off with some bullet points:

  • Please download the rulebook directly HERE, for free, to make sure you get all updates as we release them.

  • Follow along with the release notes and other updates HERE.

We uploaded the latest version of the rulebook this morning along with the notes listed above. We’re real excited about the continued feedback that your branches are bringing to us and have answered every single one of the questions they’ve asked on your behalf. If you haven’t received a direct answer yet or seen an update related to your question, give your team a week before following up.

Let’s dive into something a little different…

Infected with Infection

Reading through the new rulebook, it’s clear that a lot has changed. What started as Dystopian Survival Horror ended up far more Dystopian Fantasy. Much of the changes you see are the design team correcting that, building a strong foundation that we can grow off of, and giving local branches a lot of direct control over the stories they tell within the world of Dystopia Rising.

Dystopia Rising is as much about the fight to survive and build a better future as it is about the fight not to die and fade into the darkness. We’ve thought hard about the role of Infection in this new system and made changes from the 2.0 ruleset that give you more control.

Gone are Strains with 1 or 2 Infection. Hats off to every single one of you, especially you Full Dead, who put it all on the line for an amazing concept. In the new system, it’s far more important for us to give you a bit more breathing room, especially when many of us have stories about losing multiple infection in one weekend.

Not only have we increased minimum starting Infection, but we’ve made focused effort to put control of how much Infection your specific character has, into your own hands. Tank Heart Surgeries from 2.0 were very cool, but in the same way we’re removing the gate around Advanced Professions, we needed to make this a clear mechanic that any of you could choose to interact with.

For those of you with characters still alive, this is great, but what about those of you who lost a character in the past 9 years who would have liked them to live in this new world?


What would your dead character give up to live again?

We’ve talked a lot about how when we transition over to the new database: we’re going to melt all of your character slots down into raw XP for you to rebuild however you want.

Maybe you’ll transfer all your characters over as close as possible.
Maybe you’ll create new characters with existing build pools
Maybe your brand new character is now the most fun for you to play and you want to create them in 3.0 with the build pool of your highest slot.
Or maybe you want to bring back an old, dead character, whose story you never got to finish…

At Downfall this year, and run locally for a limited time for those of you who can’t make it, we’ll have a fully active plot kit focused on what we’re calling The Return From the Sunless Garden.

Some of us are fortunate that we’ve have had a great end to the story that we were telling with our characters, enough so that we’ve put them down and created something new. But not everyone has been that lucky. Many people think fondly back on characters they’ve had that just didn’t quite finish the story they were trying to tell and would give just about anything for one more shot. Reach deep down inside, because it’s time to figure out just how much your character would give to come back.

While the design team has been heavily focused on the Evolved rulebook, they’ve been kicking around for years the concept that thematically allows for your character to claw their way back. They’ve used it not only to mold how they intend to present Downfall 2019 and all future National Events, but to flavor the story of the entire world in the post three year time skip.

It’s important to preface that if you’re looking to bring your character back, you need to reach out to your home branch and review that character thoroughly. There are many concepts that need to stay dead, since a lot has changed in 9 years and we’re all much more educated and compassionate people now. Your local team can help you cut out the parts of your characters that just don’t fit in our game system any more, so you can join the modern world with your modern character.

Once approved, slap that character name on whichever build pool you want to rewrite and navigate your Return From The Sunless Garden with either your local branch or the Downfall team.

Our plan is to offer this once, for a limited time.

That’s all from the Dystopia Rising National Team this week. We’re excited as ever to keep sharing great information with you. We’ve got a few collaborations we’re chomping at the bit to share with you, and don’t forget, Downfall 2019 goes on sale 7/15 at Noon EST.