Roleplay Brew Update - 6/27/19

Happy Thursday,

We felt that this post was important to make outside of our weekly Monday notes. First, we’d like to say thank you again for your feedback. We’ve been able to actively discuss all of your feedback brought directly to your Branch on a daily basis. Please note that if you send in an email directly to us, based on bandwidth limitations on our end, we’re looping in your branches so they see your feedback.

All depressant, dissociative, sedative, and uplifting brews will be removed from the launch print catalog.

Perception is everything. When something is created and presented to the public, how it’s received trumps its intent. Our focusing in creating these brews was in line with our focus on removing Derangement and creating Fractures. With the brews, we focused on giving technical definitions related to drug categories, avoiding relating them to problematic or vague real world drugs or mental disorders. What we presented did not convey that well enough to you.

There are over 20 Branches in our Network currently, each with anywhere from 2-6 Employees. For over the last month, all of those Employees have been invited to provide full feedback on the entire Rulebook and all of the prints, in a live environment. Speaking humbly, the excitement of seeing the new rules and prints made it easy for these all of us to focus on the aspects of play most important to them or the parallels to our current system, leaving the Roleplay Brew section for later review.

Even with a development team of 2 and nearly 100 reviewers, we still won’t catch everything. So we’re asking for your help. We’re asking for you to remember that we are trying to create something fun, enjoyable, and respectful. There’s a difference between disliking a skill change and being uncomfortable with how an aspect of the system or supplemental materials are coming across. The latter is one we prioritize above all.

As of today, we do not intend to put these brews back into the system before launch. We have a lot of prioritized feedback that we want to get through to provide you a solid play experience. We’re reviewing, for our growth, where in the presentation the issue was, then reworking them from the ground up, including names, the language used, and adding in “self administered only”. Please keep in mind that until these brews are re-introduced, you may find that there are some herbs in play that apply to less brews than intended in our initial design.

The following brews will be removed from play in the next update:

  • Poor Man's Depressant Brew

  • ‘Au Naturale Depressant Brew

  • Enclosed Depressant Brew

  • Brain Synth Depressant Brew

  • Doldrum Depressant Brew

  • Sunset Depressant Brew

  • Falling Star Depressant Brew

  • Dimmer Depressant Brew

  • Gold Dissociative Brew

  • Fukital Dissociative Brew

  • World Weary Dissociative Brew

  • Dead Man Dissociative Brew

  • Senseless Dissociative Brew

  • Fluoride Dissociative Brew

  • Ice Cold Dissociative Brew

  • Nova-Numb Dissociative Brew

  • Full Dominion Sedative Brew

  • Skyline Sedative Brew

  • Quiet Road Sedative Brew

  • Suppressed Scream Sedative Brew

  • Transformative Sedative Brew

  • High Mountain Sedative Brew

  • Reflection Sedative Brew

  • New Dawn Sedative Brew

  • High Life Uplifting Brew

  • Night Life Uplifting Brew

  • Adventure Bound Uplifting Brew

  • Blood Hunt Uplifting Brew

  • Shifting Uplifting Brew

  • Liber Tea Uplifting Brew

  • High Calling Uplifting Brew

  • Sunny Day Uplifting Brew

We’ll see you Monday with more updates!