Dystopia Rising: Evolved - Rulebook Release

Download the dystopia rising: Evolved Rulebook

Today is an exciting day. After years of development, the Rulebook that will be in play as of Downfall 2019 is now live and we’re really excited to share it with all of you. This is an important milestone for us as our primary goal in this release was to accomplish two things:

  1. Provide you with three months to ingest the Rulebook before it’s brought into play.

  2. Show you first hand that we’re seriously about co-creation, sharing the spotlight, and transparency.

Each day in the past week since the Kickstarter Backers received their copies, we’ve spent hours with every Branch, listening to the feedback that they received from you, reviewing the book for any points of confusion on that feedback, then either empowering your Branch to respond for clarification or identifying that we needed to make a change. We focused on the big pieces of feedback first and made changes on a near daily basis to make sure that what went live today is one step closer to where we want it all to be.

As we move now into the public release, we want to be transparent that updates will switch to weekly, to give your Branches time to respond and consolidate your feedback, while giving us time to respond to the 20 branches in the network. We ask you to continue focusing on grammar, spelling, and layout issues along with asking questions and pointing out where you need more clarity. This process of feedback and updates will continue into the rulebooks launch, so we ask that preference based feedback be saved until we’ve all had six months of play, so that we can make informed changes or educated responses together. We hope the changelog shows you that we’re serious about feedback.


The original intent for the public release was a list of all blueprint names by category. The second revision was an excel spreadsheet. Thanks to the help of the design team and a generous volunteer, we have the stylized images you see in the changelog. There are nearly 300 prints with 3-4 tiers, so this process may take us until July 1st to release. However, it’ll be in a format that we’re proud of, that has a changelog, and can be download from DriveThruRPG to bring into play with you. Gone are the days of not knowing if your print updated or is no longer in play.


Sharing the spotlight

Gloria Budiman from SoCal has always been fantastic with the DRpaedia, we’re thankful for the hard work and addition to our community. Check out the character creator built on the Dystopia Rising: Evolved rules to plan out what you’d like to do with your characters come September.

We also want to remind you of Storm Seasons, the webcomic taking place in the Dystopia Rising LARP Network, written by Sam Bull and Ian Powell.

We’ve got a few more really great collaborations we’re excited to reveal in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

Advanced memberships and backbuy

Advanced Memberships change in Dystopia Rising: Evolved. You can find more information about theat in the changelog, including a link to purchase 1, 3, or 5 year at a discount. We’re keeping the 1 year price at $35 until September 2nd, 2019.

Don’t forget, backbuy ends for Dystopia Rising LARP Network on September 2nd, 2019. If you’d like to purchase any events for any of your characters, please reach out to your local branch for assistance.

We hope you enjoy the Rulebook. We’ll be back with more patch notes on June 24th.

- Dystopia Rising National Team