Monday, June 10th, 2019 - Evolved Beta Notes

Taking a page from our friends at Onyx Path, we’re going to work on providing additional transparency on changes we’ve made based on feedback. While we understand the rules are not public yet, it’s pretty apparent that they’re wide spread and we’re seeing a lot of great feedback that we want to act on.

At the bottom of THIS PAGE we’re going to keep a change log of the edits that we’re making, with dates, version of edit, and page numbers. Sometimes it takes a bit for DriveThruRPG to update the file so please be patient.

We are actively working on a format to share all details of all blueprints with you in the very near future. We want to make sure we get the formatting for this right as well so that it can be the primary source for all new blueprint updates going forward.

Another thing to note on the Maximum Casting option, our intention isn’t for you to do 6 hours straight. We’re working with Branches to define a better option, but assume that it will be the standard 4 hours then another block with 2 hours.

Please continue to submit awesome feedback to your local branches. We are all actively collaborating on these changes together. At this point, due to team size, we can’t directly field all of your feedback so messages direct to us about 3.0 will be cc’d to include your branch for assistance.

Thanks again for being so great.

- The Dystopia Rising Team