Brand New Updates for Dystopia Rising

Wondering what we've been up to lately? Do we have some news for you (hopefully the good kind). Dystopia Rising LARP is rolling out some brand new updates for you, and it’s going to make your experience with your favorite post-apocalyptic world better than ever before. Curious as to what the updates are? Well then you better keep reading.

Speaking of reading, let’s kick things off by talking about a book. If you haven’t already heard about the new 2.0 Beta version of the Dystopia Rising LARP rulebook, then you’re missing out. The new rulebook is up for review, which means that players (like yourselves) can look over the book and suggest changes. Remember to carefully read the first page of the book in order to find out submission instructions; we’re not going to be checking your personal Facebook for suggestions (that’s for pictures of cute cats and funny quotes).

Even if you don't want to suggest changes, the new book is worth looking over. There’s a wealth of new materials that will tell you a little bit more about the world. Want to know about the new strains? It’s in there. Want to know how to insult said strains? That’s in there, too. There are also general world materials that tell you about the Dystopia Rising universe and the notable locations within it.

We’re not just revamping the rulebook, though; we’re also working with the blueprints. We’re cleaning up the mechanics, retooling equipment production to better balance power levels and adding a cleaner design to the prints. In addition, each print will be listed as Regional, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Unique; this will help STs decide how to distribute blueprints, which will definitely come in handy as chapters continue to open up across the country—and the world.

That brings us to our third order of business: the new database. As Dystopia Rising LARP expands across the country and as players travel between games, it’s important to keep track of your characters. The new database will make tracking experience, growth and traveling to other games much faster and easier (both players and directors should breathe a collective sigh of relief).

But it’s not just the database that’s getting an overhaul; the forums will also look a lot shinier over the next couple of months. Currently, we’re dealing with multiple forums for multiple games; rule calls become different from chapter to chapter, and some players visit multiple forums in order to learn about local games they’re visiting. Wouldn’t it be much easier to find them all in one place? We thought so, too.

The new forums will feature all chapters in one convenient location. There will be different sections for each game where local players can write both in and out of character posts, but there will also be overarching sections (like when it comes to asking about rules). The forums themselves will also be able to handle massive volumes of player use and will allow for more consistent upkeep and maintenance. More streamlined and functional, the forums will definitely be a step up for both players and staff.

What’s more exciting, though, is that these forums will allow STs to coordinate when it comes to cross chapter plot. The current goal is to start introducing cross world plot materials in 2015, so watch out for new intrigues and stories across the nation.

We hope that you’re as excited about these new changes as we are. We’re constantly looking to improve your gaming experience, and these new tweaks should definitely help (we promise—it’ll be awesome).

See you in the apocalypse!