Welcome to the Ironworks

The glow of hundreds of slaves washes the city in red, dots of light shining out within the darkness. The sounds of metal and steel clash and heavy footsteps echo as the Iron Slaves work day in and day out, overseen by their masters.

Welcome to the Ironworks.

If you haven’t already heard, new materials are being released for the world of Dystopia Rising in just a few days (we know, you’re excited), and now we have a bit of inside information about what you have to look forward to in the new book, Axis of Blood and Iron. Believe us when we say that it’s definitely something you’re going to want to read.

The new book covers the Great Lakes region, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Southern Ontario. In the Dystopia Rising world, this means that it’s all about the Ironworks and its outliers, a place where bioluminescent Iron Slaves are bred to work and die.

“The basic Strain is the Iron Slaves, who originated in the Ironworks,” said Megan Jaffe, one of the main authors of the new book. “I’m pretty excited about them, actually. I was visiting Chicago (where I am from) and there just so happened to be an exhibit on bioluminescence at the Field Museum of Natural History, which helped me work out the natural luminescence of the Strain. I had to scribble notes in the dark, as cell phones weren’t allowed due to some creatures which needed darkness.”

The new book won’t just feature Iron Slaves, though. It will also have information about the Reclaimers, a Strain which originated in the contested lands of southern Ontario.

“Both the Reclaimers and Iron Slaves come out of this adversarial relationship the Ironworks has with the world—the Iron Slaves from inside, and the Reclaimers from outside,” said Megan.

Megan wasn’t alone when it came to writing the new materials, either. She was joined by writers Ian Powell and Sean Jaffe and content creator Michael Pucci. Together, they managed to create a post-apocalyptic  version of the Midwest. While many other cities crumbled and fell during the apocalypse, the Ironworks cities succeeded a bit too well. The denizens of these cities had to make some hard choices as a result.

“The Ironworks has been an area much spoken of and whispered of in the Dystopia Rising live game, but only tenuously described,” said Megan. “This will be a lot of concrete information about the culture, nature and layout of the Ironworks that I believe will help players in the live DR game to understand the area. It’s a very nineteenth century mindset there—that’s about the level of technology and that’s definitely the cultural outlook for many. Slavery, manifest destiny, that sort of thing.”

You can look forward to reading about the Ironworks starting on May 1, when Axis of Blood and Iron is released. Trust us when we say you’re going to want to get a copy for yourself.