Bigger in Texas: Charity Tops $15,000

We told you about Dystopia Rising: Lone Star’s charity efforts a few months back. Now, we’re giving you an update—and what an update it is. The players at the Texas game have raised more than $15,000 for Scare for a Cure, a non-profit that donates funds to cancer research organizations and charities.

The initial goal for the fundraiser was a mere $1,000, though Dystopia Rising: Lone Star hoped to raise at least $2,000 by the end. The fact that they managed to raise $15,000 in a few short months is a feat in and of itself.

The players didn’t go away empty-handed, either. Because Scare for a Cure is adept at special effects and costumes, they pitched in for the game’s season closer in April.

“Scare for a Cure built a gore maze complete with sound effects, lights, some pretty convincing body part props, and lots and lots of blood,” said Sara Hart, Director at Dystopia Rising: Lone Star. “They also helped us out on numerous splatter mods with their own gore cannon, which the players couldn’t get enough of. There was even an exploding human and we even got to see our friends the rad wolves again!”

The “rad wolves” in this case were people dressed in full-body wolf costumes (you can actually see them on this video). They had glowing paint spattered across the costumes, which gave the effect of glowing “blood” spattering on the people that hit them. The end result was that the players loved it.

“One of the mods from the event had wave after wave of zed and a gore cannon to go along with them,” said Hart. “We thought we had really beaten them down and so started to end the mod, but at the last moment the ST [Story Teller] decided one more wave would be good. About 50-plus players cheered as the zed and gore cannon returned. It was many moments like this that really let me know that the players loved the effects and the event.”

There are currently no plans set in stone for partnering with Scare for the Cure in the future, but Hart admits she’d love the opportunity to work with them again. While the special effects were fun, though, the important thing to remember is that the players managed to make a huge difference with the money that they raised.

“The event was everything I hoped it would be,” said Hart. “It is a pretty stellar moment when the things in your head turn out the same, if not better, on the field—and that is exactly what happened.”

Want to get involved in a Dystopia Rising charity? Currently, Dystopia Rising: New Jersey is running a blood drive during the month of April. If you’re part of the New Jersey game, you’ll get 50 AP (Assistance Points) for donating blood and sending a picture of yourself doing so to