The Strains of the Apocalypse

When the world fell, humanity evolved. It shifted and changed, radiation and the Infection warping people into the different strains that we see (and love to play) in the world of Dystopia Rising. Bay Walkers took to the marshes and the docks; Yorkers remained in cities of rusted iron and steel; Rovers took to the road.

Yet these weren’t the only types of humanity to evolve. Now, Dystopia Rising LARP is releasing new strains for playtesting at games across the U.S. and Canada. Over the next several months, Game Directors will be trying out these new strains and seeing how well they match up in the dystopian world, deciding what changes need to be made before they’re released to the players.

So what new strains do you have to look forward to? First off, there are the Salt Wise. You’ll likely find this strain around games located near water, such as Florida, Massachusetts and Hawaii. These non-gendered people can be found along coastlines (and in the soon-to-be-released tabletop book, The Rum Coast). More specifically, they’re strongly tied to the region around Louisiana, known as the Drowned Saints region in the fallen world.

Water not your thing? Don’t worry. There are also the less-friendly cousins of the Rovers, known as Diesel Jocks. With their patched-together vehicles, these wanderers can be found wherever there are flat expanses of road, such as in Texas and in California.

Then there are the Reclaimers from the north, the strain with exposed muscles and silvery eyes. There are also the southern Solestros and the Aztec-like Unborn of Texiptla.

These aren’t the only changes we'll be seeing, though. New Advanced Professions will soon begin to appear, though they won’t be able to be accessed by players until all of the bugs are figured out.

While all of these new strains will be debuting at games as NPCs, though, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re still being tested—so what you see now may not be what you get later. That said, keep an eye out for these new strains at your local games. You never know when a Reclaimer might pop in for a chat.

See you on the trails, boys and girls.