Guess That's Life Now

We’re shipping up to Boston in this week’s blog post. Dystopia Rising: The Mass is getting ready for its season opener in April, and they have quite a bit in store for their eager players. Screams, tears and trauma await in the town of Ripton Falls—so ready your guns and sharpen your blades; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Two years ago in April 2012, the Massachusetts game opened its doors to 57 players. Now, the game hosts an average of 75 players or more per event. Focusing on trauma and role play, this game is known for character tears and dramatic scenes.

“Massachusetts focuses on interpersonal role play—making connections, making difficult choices, and character development are our bread and butter,” said Kat Snapette, Head Story Teller for Dystopia Rising: The Mass.

The Mass game isn’t just known for its dramatic role play, though; it’s also known for background-based stories, Grave Mind-themed trickery, pirates, Bay Walkers and, most importantly, River Hunters.  It’s possibly one of the only games where every time it rains, the players run for cover. The rumble of distant thunder can mean death if you’re caught outdoors.

“One of my favorite memories from the Mass game was the first time we had our first real downpour,” said Kat Chartier, Head Coordinator of the game. “The Mass is famous for River Hunters, and they are extremely deadly. Everybody ran indoors but some were not so lucky. Playing a NPC at the time I saw from an interior building the horror that was occurring outside the window and the screams from the others in the adjacent room. It was awesome.”

River Hunters will be the least of players’ worries this coming season, though. Kat Snapette says that they can look forward to a lot of medical-type plots with more intensive surgeries, finding out what exactly the Grave Mind “dots” are all about, and meeting the MinuteMen of the UMASS Flotilla. There will also be “Grave Mind tentacles. Like you’ve never seen them before.”

“We’d like to continue to grow, building our community and the fantastic players we’ve got,” said Snapette. “I’m also super excited about some of the prop and décor plans that Katherine and I are working on, which the new Membership program is making possible for us to accomplish much faster than we otherwise would have. I will have my plague doctor operating theater yet, y’all.”

You can catch all of the thrills of the Mass game in the season opener on April 25. Be prepared, though; Ripton Falls isn’t a place for the fainthearted. But if you can’t fight back, just remember: sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Guess that’s life now.