Convention Time

We all love Dystopia Rising LARP events. After all, who doesn’t like being scared by the thing that goes bump in the night (also known as your friendly Story Teller)? As 2014 continues onward, though, there are more opportunities than ever before to experience a post-apocalyptic world where the biggest threats aren’t the restless dead—but the people themselves.

So what’s in store? First off, there will be conventions—lots and lots of conventions. There will be mods, tabletops and more chances to pick up those Dystopia Rising books you’ve been meaning to get (yes, these include the new ones that will be released later this year). Eschaton will also be making an appearance at a few conventions and showing off Chronos: Universal LARP System.

LunaCon is the first on the list, and it’s fast approaching. The Dystopia Rising LARP crew will be there from March 14 to 16 with a total of one mod and two tabletop games in tow. Located in Rye Brook, New York, the convention will be a prime opportunity for any northeast fans to come and say “hi.” (Really, we encourage this. We’re social.).

Not in New York? Don’t worry. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout 2014 for you to meet the creators of Dystopia Rising LARP. We’ve provided the schedule below for you to check out, and details will be posted as soon as each convention draws closer. In the meantime, start planning those road trips to come see us in person.

Get ready, everyone. It’s going to be an exciting year. Check back soon for more information about the conventions and other exciting developments. 

LunaCon, New York: March 14-16

Wyrd Con, California: May 22-26

Origins, Ohio: June 11-15

DexCon, New Jersey: July 2-6

Gen Con, Indiana: August 14-17