Dystopia Rising Policy

As event runners, we sometimes receive complaints or reports of various types of harassing conduct, including in some instances complaints of sexual harassment.  Dystopia Rising and all of its branches do not tolerate offensive or harassing conduct in any form, particularly when such conduct may break the law.

The directors at each Dystopia Rising branch all seek to create fun, safe environments for our members, free of any kind of discrimination, bullying, harassment, or assault. As such, it is important to educate the community about our core beliefs, the reporting process, and outcomes for instances in which a player crosses the boundary expectations.

Each Dystopia Rising branch seeks to handle all reports in a fair and consistent manner to help ensure the outcomes are clear and unbiased. Once a report of any conduct violation is submitted, each branch has put in place a system to immediately review the report and determine the next steps. This may include conversation with the individual who reported the incident, witnesses, and the individual who has been accused of the conduct violation. That said, individuals who made the report anonymously are not contacted. Our branches have strict confidentiality guidelines to ensure the safety and privacy of the individuals involved, and to help ensure the community that all reports are kept confidential. The goal of our branches is to involve the smallest number of people necessary, and only follow up with individuals on a “need-to-know” basis. Our branches do their best to make decisions based on all of the information provided, and what is in the best interest of the community’s safety.

Similarly, Dystopia Rising does not stand for any kind of discrimination or retaliation against anyone involved in the reporting process. If you feel you have been discriminated against because of a report, please contact CustomerService@DystopiaRising.com and it will be looked into.

Dystopia Rising encourages all members to make reports of safety and security concerns – our branches can only make our communities safer if members are looking out for one another too. We encourage all members to review our community standards, accessible here. 

As a reminder we expect every player to adhere to the community guidelines. Reports from someone who has previously received a corrective action will be treated the same as someone who hasn't. Disciplinary actions given to a member who has previously filed a report will be treated the same as who hasn’t.

It is our goal, as event runners, to create as safe and welcoming a space as is possible. Past that, we hope that all of our friends, players, and community members have positive experiences in life. We have listed some resources below to help anyone struggling with interpersonal violence, relationship concerns, sexual misconduct or assault, or self-harm and suicide. The resources we listed below are not DR specific and are available to anyone at any time, regardless of the source of the problem.

·         RAINN: If you are a survivor of sexual harassment or assault, or are affected by sexual violence in any way, we encourage you to seek support through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673 or access RAINN’s online chat services at www.rainn.org. RAINN is available 24/7/365 and services are offered in both English and Spanish.

·         The National Domestic Violence Hotline: If you have/are experiencing any kind of interpersonal conflict or violence, we encourage you to reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or at www.thehotline.com for chat support and information, 24/7/365

·         The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: if you or anyone you know is experiencing thoughts of self-harm, depression, or suicide, please outreach to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or at www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org for chat services and information available 24/7/365.


We thank you for being a part of our group and we look forward to everyone being a part of great experiences.


Copy of Corrective Actions Announcement


Here at Dystopia Rising LLC, we are constantly working to improve our policies and procedures. For the last 4-6 months we have been working on an update to many of the manuals and guidelines that we provide your Directors to run their local branches. While much of this happens behind the scenes, some aspects are more public. Given some recent local branch issues, we’ve decided to roll this change out ahead of schedule.

As of December 1, 2017, the following policy replaces the current corrective action program. The updates will be reflected on the website in the next few days.

Previously issued bans may be reviewed, on a case by case basis, upon request of either the former player or local Directors. These requests should be submitted to the local Director and DR LLC via the feedback form located on the “Contact Us” page of www.dystopiarisinglarp.com. Failure to contact both will result in the dismissal of the request.

All local Directors are aware of this change. If you have any questions, please reach out to them directly.

Corrective Actions

A Corrective Action occurs when a player is in need of a reprimand for actions that are detrimental to the well-being or safety of the local community and/or the well-being and safety of the national neighborhood of communities. This can range in severity from a simple verbal reminder of how things should work all the way to removing a player from a game entirely.

The intention of a corrective action is always that the player understand how their actions were harmful to themselves, others or the community as a whole so that they can improve. Corrective actions are never intended as a punishment. Even if a person is no longer allowed at a branch it is with the sincere hopes that they find a constructive and positive outlet in a new community.    

To be clear, neither your local branch owners nor Dystopia Rising LLC. are making any calls on illegal actions other than our ability to refuse service based on those actions. If any illegal activity is uncovered, you are strongly advised to contact the proper authorities to deal with that situation. In extreme circumstances, it is within the rights of a branch owner to report illegal activity to the authorities.

All local branches are individual, stand-alone companies and are obligated to follow all local and state laws. The below process is written as guidelines for managing issues that arise in the community. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing list of potential offenses and the local Directors have the responsibility to manage corrective actions as appropriate for the offense.

Levels of Corrective Action

Below are the levels of corrective action that a player may receive. Please make sure that you are fully aware of what the consequences are of these corrective actions when speaking with your Director.

  • Warning

A Warning is a gentle reminder of how to act in regards to the community standards. It could be as simple as “Check your swings” or even “We don’t talk about that topic here.”

Everyone slips up and that is fine. Warnings should be taken as strong advice and actions adjusted accordingly.

These are issued by Marshals as well as Directors.

  • Violation

A Violation is much like a Warning but here it is clear that this was an improper action and not a misunderstanding. It could be a matter of intention, previously being informed and repeating the behavior, or how the severity of it affected the other party(s).

This is still a gentle reminder but should be accompanied with a full explanation of what happened, why it is an issue and asking for an assurance that it won’t happen again.

If a Marshal is given a Violation then they cannot be a Marshal for any event for the duration of that Violation, which is to be determined by the Director from the branch they received the Violation from. This is due to Marshals only being allowed to hold that position if they are in good standing in the network. This includes Marshals given Violations at events where they are not a Marshal.

These can be issued by Marshals as well as Directors.

  • Removal of Marshal or freelance Position

An action which is worthy of a violation or suspension also will result in that player being removed from the position of Marshal. A violation will remove the marshal for the duration of the violation. A suspension is a full removal of the Marshal title, though a player may re-request the position. Approval or denial is in the purview of the local Directors.

A Marshal is trusted to hand out certain corrective actions and be positive members of the community who represent the game's best intentions, and writers are trusted to know what a positive play space is and create it for the players. If a Marshal is seen by the community to not be trusted or represent the ideals we hold as a community then their dismissal from this position might be necessary.

 A freelancer, be it writer, crafter or other, must not be in bad standing with the network as a whole to do business. This means that someone should either have never attended an event (and therefore is not in good or bad standing) or is not currently under a corrective action.

This is given in conjunction with another corrective action.

  • Suspension

A Suspension is a player not being allowed to attend DR events, be they games or social events, for a period of time that can be durations of 3 Months, 6 Months or 1 year based on the severity of the offense.

Suspensions are not taken lightly. This action should be used if the player has exhibited a pattern of behavior that Warnings and Violations have not changed. It could also be used to demonstrate the severity of the offense.

The hope is always that this player will take this time and removal from events and officially run community functions to rethink the behaviors and actions they have taken so they can return as a better community member.

Suspensions can only be issued by Directors.

Suspensions are issued at a local level for a single branch only. If you receive a suspension you are required to contact the Directors of any other branches you wish to attend for the duration of the Suspension before attending, as it is in the local purview of the Directors if they wish to not uphold the suspension.

  • Indefinite Suspension

An Indefinite Suspension is much like a Suspension only it hinges on the player fulfilling some kind of condition before their return.

This might be an apology to the person they wronged, a conversation with the issuing Director demonstrating their understanding of the issue and a promise to not repeat it, the fulfillment of an agreed upon obligation or fulfilling a missed event payment.

This stipulation is not a punishment but a reasonable solution to a problem the player can work on.

Indefinite Suspensions can only be issued by Directors.

Suspensions are issued at a local level for your branch only. If you receive a suspension you are required to inform the Directors of any other branches you will be attending for the duration of the Suspension before attending.

  • Suspension Pending Investigation

This is to be given to a player who has been accused of something that if true would make them worthy of a Suspension, Indefinite Suspension or Refusal of Service.

This is to give the Director time to gather their facts, talk to all of the involved parties and make a decision while still removing a possible harmful or toxic player from an event in the meantime.

If it is seen that a player is withholding information in order to draw out the time the Suspended player is removed, they may be allowed back in play while still compiling evidence.

Suspensions Pending Investigation can only be issued by Directors.

Suspensions are issued at a local level for your branch only. If you receive a suspension you are required to inform the Directors of any other branches you will be attending for the duration of the Suspension before attending.

  • Refusal of Service

Any business has the right to refuse service to any customer as long as it is not because of discrimination of race, color, religion, national origin or disability.

If a Director decides to refuse you service be aware that while this is just for the one branch, any other branch may also reserve this right.

If you are refused service at any branch you are required to tell the Director of any other branch you may be attending of this seven days before attending the event via the email provided on a branches website.

A Refusal Of Service is issued at a local level for your branch only. If you receive a Refusal Of Service you are required to inform the Directors of any other branches you will be attending before the event.

What Justifies a Corrective Action

The following is a list of things that may be justifications for a corrective action. The context and severity should be taken into account with all of these on a case-by-case basis, but the below list is a general guideline for possible reasons for a corrective action. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing list of potential offenses and the local Directors have the responsibility to manage corrective actions as appropriate for the offense.

This list is in reference to out of character actions and intentions. While likely in character actions and intentions can be taken into account as they pertain to being used against people for out of character issues, the purpose for this list is for players and not characters.

  • Not complying with federal or state law.
  • Discrimination in the form of race, gender, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Sexual misconduct including harassment and assault.
  • Threats that affect or are perceived to affect the safety, health, or well-being of another person at or pertaining to an event.
  • Possession of a dangerous weapon, concealed or unconcealed, at an event including social gatherings run by the franchiser. This includes all guns, explosives, or other devices which in the manner used or intended are capable of causing death or bodily injury.
  • Incompetence or negligence which leads to harm or harassment of another person or the community as a whole.
  • Possession of narcotics, alcoholic beverages or other unlawful drugs including smoking while under the legal age. This also includes attending game events and social events in which alcohol is not allowed, while under these effects, even if taken at an off-site location.
  • Dishonesty to a Marshal or Director about issues or while inquiring into a corrective action. This also includes misrepresenting yourself as operating in an official capacity.
  • Theft of any kind including the out of character theft of personal and game property.
  • Any Marshal, Writer or Director accepting anything of any perceived value for their influence or judgment.
  • Using one's position for personal gain including the use of confidential information received through one's position to obtain any favor, financial gain or social status.
  • Inappropriate handling or release of confidential or un-authorized documentation of IP material.
  • Repeated or purposeful missing of NPC, Clean Up or other community activities without a clearly communicated and approved reason.
  • Conviction of a felony.
  • Inappropriate use of language towards any Marshal, Owner, or Employee which impedes operations or interferes with the ability to maintain their function.
  • Failure to act safely or use safety equipment which can result in endangering self or others.

What Does Not Justify a Corrective Action

While the actions listed above are grounds for giving a corrective action, there are certain things that do not meet these criteria. While not limited to the below list these are some examples of actions that while troubling may not be used as grounds of removal or correction. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing list of potential offenses and the local Directors have the responsibility to manage corrective actions as appropriate for the offense.

  • Personal Dispute, related to past grudges, ending friendships or the general dislike of an individual.
  • Romantic Relationships, relating to the ending of a partnership and the feelings associated to this.

These above issues while not grounds for corrective action, may be grounds to request to not show up at events run by the owner in question or not be a Marshal or Writer. While we as a company don’t believe these are worthy of removal as a network, we also ask that all parties respect that these events are the workplace for the game runners and they are required to attend. If a personal relationship makes it as such that both parties cannot be at the same location and maintain a professional relationship then we ask that the worker’s desires are respected in order for them to complete their job to the best of their abilities.

Dystopia Rising 3.0 Release


Hello all!

When Dystopia Rising was created just over 10 years ago, it was a seen by many as a new age in larping, with a lighter rule set than the at-the-time standard and a fully fleshed out Community Handbook that focused on inclusive play and equal treatment. In the last decade, we have continued to evolve, learning new techniques, ideas and understandings. With that, we believe it is important that a game be allowed to evolve in the same way. We are very excited to announce our intent and general timeline for a 3.0 release of the Dystopia Rising LARP rule set in 2019.

Why are we announcing this so early? To not only give full transparency to our players but also include our community in the future of the Dystopia Rising LARP networks game line.

From now until February 2018 we are asking you, the players, to give itemized suggestions for improvements you would like to see in the Dystopia Rising LARP rules to your Directors via email or contact form. In March 2018March 2018, your Directors will compile the feedback into the most common threads and provide them to the Dystopia Rising LLC team.

Contact for your local Directors can be found here or on their individual websites:

From there, the LARP book will be reworked until Summer 2019. From early spring until the end of summer of 2019 the documentation will be available as PDF for the community to review and give additional feedback and commentary on. This document will become our active rules document on November 1, 2019. The new books will be available in hardcopy around the end of 2019.


Some items that are being reviewed for the 3.0 release.

• Division of the one core book into three smaller books. This will allow us to have community documentation and coordination content in one, mechanical rules in one, and genre and world material in a third. Currently the mechanical system for Dystopia Rising is the smallest portion of the content of the DR LARP book, and it is our desire to have the mechanics in a single document which easy smaller and easier to access. This will cut down on load times for PDF documents, make search functions easier, and allow easier access to rules clarification.

• Flattening of damage calls. All damage will be scaled to simpler numbers for damage counts. This removes some of the analogue of damage, but makes tracking field damage even easier.

• Replacement of “Advanced Professions” with “Advanced Concentrations”. This will allow players to progress into “Advanced Concentrations” in the same format as Standard Concentrations. This will also involve a notable mechanical redesign of Advanced Professions, however it will not thematically change the achievement that players with Advanced Professions currently have.

• Addition of Retirement Concentrations which are a third tier of concentrations that are intended to be ground shaking skill sets, but involve a required retirement date for players that choose to step into a Retirement Concentration. This retirement includes working with Directors for creating a fantastic close to a character’s story arc. Taking a Retirement Concentration will not be a requirement, but will provide more retirement XP for the build of a new character as well as closure to a characterscharacter’s story.

• Scaling health and mind point costs at the 10,20,30,40, and 50 point marks. The initial concept is that the first 10 Body or Mind will cost 1, from 11-20 will cost 2, from 21 to 30 will cost 3, from 31-40 will cost 4, and from 50 points upward will cost 5 per point. With lowering damage counts having 50 health will be a much more incredible benchmark to hit.  This includes reworking blueprint designs and PC and NPC skills that cause damage to match the new scale.

• Redundant skill removalconsolidation. Multiple skills have the same effect but with different variables. These skills would be collapsed into a single multiple use skill.

• Creation of new professions. New professions will aim to capture spaces within the DR world that can be better represented with specific skill lists and descriptors.

• Profession skillset reassignments. A rebalance on some (not all) professions to adjust for balance as well as to readjust for collapsed (and new) skills. Rebalance to allow options of professions in the categories of combat, production, social, and support design profession to have access to key focus skills such as Mind Resist or Refuse.

• Multiple background/costuming options for each Strain which are mechanically the same, but offer different costume and roleplaying focuses. 

• Standardization of brew sizes into 3 sizes of brew that have a variance range for physical representations. Injectable brews would be between 3-10 ML, smaller ingestible brews would be between 150 and 300 ML and larger volume brews will be between 700 and 900 ML.

• Language style change for the rulebook that changes “technical language” to “casual language” so that letter and intent of the rule are readily available.

• Quality over quantity brew and meal reworking. Meals and brews that produce large volumes of low quality item cards will be reviewed to allow single brews that provide benefits (and are easier to provide physical representations for) are the focus.

 • “3 Year Forward” story plan come the end of 2019. This will allow players to readjust their sheets as they need to, gives ample warning about equipment changes, allows staff the ability to change story arcs, and allows players to choose to continue playing their character or retire their character with new ties.  Either playing the character 3 years older, or using this opportunity for a new story, is a fantastic option. This does not affect item card expiration dates.


Players will have three events of play after the finalization of 3.0 to do a free character rewrite if they find that their former character build no longer matches what they envision with the new rule set.  This rewrite will only be allowed to include a cost free drop of Profession(s), skill(s), Body and Mind. It will not allow for changes of Strain, Infection, Character Name or any other aspect of a character sheet.

This 3.0 release is intended to be an update that will build and expand the world outward while making the mechanics simpler for in game book-keeping, long term play, and clarity. This is being designed as a multiple year project to give the attention the Dystopia Rising LARP deserves. Dystopia Rising 2.0 was originally released to the public February 15, 2015. Our final publication of Dystopia Rising 3.0 is not intended until Summer 2019 which will mark the 10th year of the Dystopia Rising Network being a public game.


• Does not include a story-arc reset.

• Does not include the end of chapters.

• Does not include the loss of build for existing characters. Characters in the system at the time of update will be updated for new costs. Any skill removals will result in a refund of cost and sliding scale Body/Health will be adjusted to the new count based on total expenditure.


We are passionate about this new era for Dystopia Rising and are thrilled to have a community that we believe we can count on to help bring the world and it’sits players into an evolved stage of play, while keeping the core community ideals that has always carried it.


Zombie Hand.jpeg

Good day, survivors!

Today we wanted to explain one of the themes of Downfall, and tell you about some exciting new tools your Story Telling Directors are getting this month. The first theme is: Unification, Division, or Death.

The Circle of 12 Knots is hosting the wastelands in hopes that the civilized settlements around the wastes can come to some sort of agreement regarding existing as civilized people who work together instead of working tangentially (or against each other). As a group of Rovers who travel all over the wasteland, and supported by a network of Diesel Jocks that are looking to expand the roadways, it is without a doubt in their interest to either see some sort of accord or at least to have a formalized definition of different settlements lands and terrain.

Why do we need unification now?

Because both the Raiders and the Undead are mutating faster and faster, producing more diversified threats, and for every step of civilization that has grown in the wasteland footing has been lost to the undead.

So, what are the new tools that the Story Telling Directors are getting?

Your Story Telling Directors were given a system to make unique Beasts last year, similar to how a player makes a character sheet. They have points to spend, options to purchase, and the ability to scale the threat level up or down. In addition to beasts, now your Directors also have a mechanical system to produce unique Raider Clans and Undead Threats.  As Directors use the creation systems, they will upload the new threats lore package, costuming, roleplay, and mechanics to the Directors database. This will make these new threats available for use by all of our networked games, making our database of threats continuously growing.

For all of the civilization, sim farming, and economy that the game has supported for the prior years ,this year we are focusing on giving your Storyteller Directors more means to cause havoc, to introduce more horror back into the horror survival world, and make a much more diversified field of antagonists in the wastes.

Sign Up for the Downtown Market This Downfall


Hello, Survivors!

If you're going to Dystopia Rising Downfall 2017 and are planning on having an in-game stall, then have we got some news for you!

If you haven't already looked at it, Cooper's Lake Campground is big--REAL BIG. More specifically, it's about a 23-minute walk between the caravan runs and the character camping area.


So in the interest of making a space where players from all chapters can gather together as their characters (and so you don't have to walk several miles to the post office after crafting things for your stall, or to purchase one thing or another), we'll be creating a Downtown Market area with several 10 x 10 areas blocked off for your use! This one-stop-shopping area will also have NPC vendors and other opportunities.

If you're interested in being part of a market that is the one stop shop for all things cool (and where a LOT of players will be hanging out to purchase items), then email DownfallDR@gmail.com that you need a 10x10 spot, and what type of things you'll be selling! We'll block off a space for your personal use.

See you soon!

Dystopia Rising LARP Network Now Hires Story Writers as Contracted Writers

The LARP industry functions on a lot of “existing standards,” where things are done a certain way because that is the way they have always been done. Over many years, hundreds of games have had some form of senior player that is trusted with helping people with rules calls and organizing NPCs. In addition, one of the standard staples of LARP organization has been the idea of the "Story Teller" as a person who writes plot and story, and then comes to game and makes those stories become a live event. Story Tellers have been rewarded with character bonuses, free attendance to game, or other perks for this deeper level of involvement.

Looking at the standard of what a “Story Teller” has been across the U.S. LARP industry for years, we saw a gap. Traditionally, Story Tellers were undertaking two different roles: the role of a writer and the role of a marshal. Between events, Story Tellers were writing and producing content while being given guidelines, due dates, and direction for revisions. This written content would then be organized by the Director as needed for a weekend and then run during the event. While it is fine to entrust players with more responsibilities at game, it isn’t a best practice to have those players do something beyond a normal NPC shift’s worth of involvement without dividing the aspect that could be considered “work” from the aspect that is “play.” With this in mind, Dystopia Rising will be instituting a new standard.

To create a new and better practice, Dystopia Rising is taking the following steps, effective August 1, 2017.

1) The position of Story Teller as it has been defined traditionally in LARP is being discontinued within the Dystopia Rising LARP Network.

2) Dystopia Rising chapters will now be hiring Story Writers as freelance writers. This will involve an application, contract, and pay-by-the-word with minimum and maximum word counts per module. It will also include an assigned minimum and maximum number of modules each month.

3) Dystopia Rising writers will be contracted as freelancers and able to list themselves as contracted freelance writers, event entertainment designers, or professional game writers on their resumes, as they see fit.

4) Contracted writers do not necessarily need to be active attendees to a single game. Talented writers may be contracted to write unique and different content for multiple different Dystopia Rising franchises and even be hired to write multiple month story arcs for local implementation.

5) Writers may be rehired based on quality of content, player response, and promptness of writing regarding deadlines.

6) All Marshal NPC blocks will be shortened to 4 hours, the same as any NPC shift.

7) Marshals will now be given 60 assistance points per shift. Marshals will be able to convert Assistance Points for the purchasable build that they could otherwise pay for with money. Marshals cannot earn more build than a standard player. This is an “either” option, not “and.”

8) Story Tellers who wish to still organize shifts as a team member can discuss with their Directors about becoming a Marshal separate to being a contracted writer. Being a writer is not dependent on being a Marshal and being a Marshal is not dependent on being a writer. A writer who chooses to also be a Marshal will not necessarily be scheduled at the same time that their modules are run.

9) In addition to Coordination, Settings, and Rules Marshals we will now have the position of Ops Marshal.   

10) Ops Marshals will manage the modules via White Board and serve as lead Marshal in a NPC block to coordinate with the Settings Marshals and Rules Marshals to send out NPCs and modules during their 4 hour NPC shift.

We’re very excited to make this next level change to the network and thank you for being a part of it!