Yearly Player Membership

Yearly Advanced Player Membership
from 30.00

Advanced Membership Perks:

  •  You will be awarded 2 build on each of your characters upon purchase (a $60 value, see below). This 2 build will be awarded to each of your three characters in the month that you purchase the membership.  These experience points are not re-awarded in the instance of character death or retirement.  
  •  With an Advanced Membership you have the option of having your characters based in different games, as you chose. The standard 6 month waiting period of transfer is all that applies.
  •  A player with an Advanced Membership will be allowed to have a third active character slot in the system. This third character slot falls under all the same guidelines, build structure and play ability as any other character.  They can be registered for events and earn XP with your other characters.  However, you will only be able to portray, learn skills, and get check in skills for 2 characters at any given game. A character in this slot is only accessible while the player has an active Advanced Membership.
  • If you purchase a multi-year membership you will be awarded the 2 build per character at the start of each membership year not in a lump sum.
  • Memberships are non-refundable but may be purchased for others. Simply include their information in the required form.
  • Purchase of advanced membership takes between 5-10 business days to process. 

All members within the Dystopia Rising community agree to adhere to the Community Standards, Membership Guidelines and Terms of Service. Each of these can be found at the below links. Please read them prior to joining the network.

Terms of Service              Community Standards

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