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"Look around you.  All of us here are all gamers.  We are all geeks and nerds and dorks and I would not have it any other way.  When we leave here we may be lawyers or models or writers or students, but right now we are all the same.  We are all here to have fun, to meet new people, and to experience shared story telling.  Do not be afraid to walk up to someone you have never met before and role-play with them... we are all here to tell stories and play games." - Michael Pucci


Membership Guidelines v. 2.0


Welcome to Dystopia Rising. We are a community. We are a community of people who come together because we share a common hobby, and it doesn’t matter what our day-to- day life is like, it doesn’t matter what our day-to-day ‘social standing’ and responsibilities are. Here, we are all gamers. Regardless of race, religion, philosophy, gender, sexuality, political background, or any other categorization that can be used to describe a person, here we are all gamers.

We come together to share a hobby that we love. We come together to revel in a community of our peers who will treat us as one of their own.

This is a written guide outlining what we hope is commonplace and common sense for the kind of people we would want to be members of our community. We understand, however, that as the community grows it becomes easier for the original message to be lost. We would love to assume that every person who joins the community understands the difference between right and wrong, the difference between socially acceptable and socially harmful, and how to create a healthy and inclusive community for everyone-- friend or potential friend.

But for better or worse, we all come from different backgrounds with different levels of exposure. As the community grows and as we all interact within the national and international network of games, we need to have guidelines for basic instructions on how we should act. These aren’t guidelines to try and control you, or to force you to think a certain way, but instead are a guide to provide the bottom line for communication and interaction which focuses on understanding, respect, and clarity.

We are not going to give you instructions on how to act away from Dystopia Rising

Network events or how to act when not using Dystopia Rising Network means of communication. We are not here to govern your day-to-day life. As much as we hope that our community members are caring and understanding people who look to do what is right by one another no matter the circumstances, it is not our place to tell you how to do that.

The base of Dystopia Rising is that we come together to be together. This handbook will help outline how best we can all live up to that.

Structure of Network

The Dystopia Rising Network is a network of independently owned businesses which operate within a general community and network guideline. Each individual Dystopia Rising Network Branch (Branch for short) is responsible for all aspects of local operation. These individual businesses are given a guideline for the number of events they can host, the volume of experience points that can be given out per event, as well as a rules guideline that they agree to follow.

Individual Branches are only available to individuals with current Network memberships. Please read more about Network Membership in the section entitled "Membership."

Individual Branches are owned by one to three people who take on the title of “Director”. These Directors oversee the standards, operation, and filing of the individual Branch in accordance to Federal, State, and Organizational guidelines. Each Branch is responsible to ensure the safety of its members, the needs of their local community, the operation of their local business, and the full legal responsibility of their business for all events that they host. At an event, the local Director has authority within Network contract guidelines.

Individual Branches provide a network of staff members that are either Full Operations or Partial Operations staff members. Full staff members are volunteers who have undertaken a degree of responsibility for their local Branch and volunteer for events for their local Branch’s business. Partial Staff members are experienced individuals that oversee and assist with the continued operation of events, but, do not have the full authority and responsibility allowed to Full staff members.

All volunteers do their volunteer work on behalf of the local Branch, and not the Dystopia Rising Network as a whole.

Players are assigned to an individual Branch for book keeping, membership details, and organizational ease. Branches are defined by the living area of a player, or the location at which a player is most commonly going to be in attendance to local Branch events. Individual Branches are organized so that the local business, the Directors that own it, and the staff of volunteers for each Branch can see to the community and event needs of the players. The Directors of each Branch have a support network provided by the parent organization, which will assist the Branches and Directors by answering game and event related questions to the best of their abilities.


Membership allows you a membership number and package provided directly by the Dystopia Rising LARP Network. All Branches within the Network have agreed that only active members, in good standing, of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network can participate in any Branch events.

Membership must be renewed yearly based on the date that the membership is initially purchased. Players that have a lapsed account will not be able to accrue experience points for their characters, will not be able to gain Assistance Points, nor access their character sheet. In addition, local games will not be able to update or change details of lapsed players character sheets until memberships are renewed.

All attendees are required to have a membership within three months after their first event attended to be allowed to continue to attend Dystopia Rising Network events. This initial period has been set up as a tester period to make sure that the Dystopia Rising LARP Network is right for potential new members.

Members may fulfill this requirement either with a Basic or Advanced Membership. Details of both options are listed below. Players should inquire with their local branch if they are interested in a Basic Membership.

Membership Eligibility

Membership eligibility is open to the following:

  • Any individual that is at least 18 years of age.

  • Any child that is between the ages of 14-18 that has a signed parental waiver.

  • Any individual that does not have a history of criminal conviction relating to Homicide, Sex Crimes, or Hate Crimes.

  • Any individual that agrees to abide by the Terms of Service provided.

Membership Pay Options and Benefits

Option 1: Basic Membership - $0

  • Basic membership is awarded automatically to a player once they attend their 4th Dystopia Rising weekend event. There are no costs associated with this option and it remains active for six months. This option renews every 6 months, once a player attends another event.

  • Players with this membership will be provided a copy of the membership handbook and the community guidelines. If you are not provided a copy by your local branch, one can be either requested via your local Director or downloaded for free from www.DystopiaRising.com.

       • Players with this level of membership may have 2 active characters in the database, attend events, earn build and enjoy all              benefits of a member in good standing within the community.

Option 2: Advanced Membership - $25

  • The Advanced Membership is paid for by the player and can be purchased on the main website: www.DystopiaRising.com. Membership is active for one (1) year, starting the date of purchase. Multiple years may be purchased at once, but renewal can not be done more than 30 days before expiration.

  • The player is awarded 2 build on each of their characters upon purchase (a $60 value,see below). This 2 build will be awarded to each of their active characters in the month that they purchase the membership. If a second or a third character is created after that month, the build will be awarded to that character the month it is created. This build is a one time amount and is not counted separately during a re-roll, or roll over to a new character.

  • With an Advanced Membership, the player has the option of having their characters based in different games, as they choose. The standard 6 month waiting period of transfer is all that applies.

  • A player with an Advanced Membership will be allowed to have a third active character in the system! This third character falls under all of the same guidelines, build structure and play ability as any other character. The player can be registered for events and earn XP with their other characters. However, the player will only be able to portray, learn skills and get check in skills for 2 characters at any given game.

  • Starting around the end of 2015, players with an Advanced Membership will be able to set up a log-in to the national database. With this, they will be able to view their character sheet and build log in the downtime between events.

    Database and Membership Number

    One of the advantages that individual Branches receive as a part of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network is access to a global character Database. As new members join the Network, a player number is assigned to the new player that allows Directors to track a character’s growth as well as a player’s membership status. This player number is a tool which allows games to easily take care of the game and community needs of the individual players.

    The Database is accessible to all Branch Directors that are active and current members of the Dystopia Rising Network. In the instance that a game closes, moves, or for some reason ceases to exist, all players that are registered to that Branch will be allowed to choose what new home Branch they would like their character based out of. Characters and players will default to the closest branch to their location in the event that they do not make a choice.

Official events must be available to all members of good standing.

If there is a Dystopia Rising LARP Network event that is hosted by a Branch or by the Network as a whole, then that event must be available to all Network members of good standing. If an individual has received corrective actions or does not have a current membership, then that individual is not allowed to attend Dystopia Rising LARP Network events.

Corrective Actions

An individual may receive a corrective action from either their home Branch or an event hosted by another Branch. These corrective actions are decided upon and enforced across the Network. These corrective actions can include having AP or Experience points stripped from a character sheet, loss of a character, having combat rights taken away, or being suspended or banned from Dystopia Rising events. These actions are not an all-inclusive list; however, the majority of corrective actions may be handled within these guidelines.

The individual business has chosen to enforce its right as a privately owned business to refuse service to a player based on activities that may endanger others, breach the spirit and/or letter of the rules, are damaging to the local or global LARP community, or fail to abide by instructed guidelines.

In the instance that a Director feels that an individual’s activities are grievous enough to require a permanent ban, an individual’s membership will be discontinued. Discontinued membership occurs in the instance where an individual has fallen into the following guidelines:

• Broken the law.
• Caused issues that span across multiple Branches.
• Endangered individuals or flagrantly gone against the intent of this organization.
• Repeat or extreme violation of rules of conduct, safety, or community.

Most refusals of service and access are enforced and reviewed at Branch level. In the instance that an individual has had their membership discontinued, the individual will be contacted via the email address provided at the time of player registration. There will be no refund for discontinued membership and further renewals by the individual in regards to their membership will not be reimbursed.

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