At Dystopia Rising, we do not encourage downtime role-play. No staff member will ever run a scene outside of game and only the lead-up to plots will be made available on rumor boards and the like. The Downtime of DR is when we focus on being people instead of being characters.

It is our hope that you will spend your downtime making awesome costumes, props, friends and going out into the world to enjoy all that there is to offer.

With that, below is the national guidelines for exchanging items between events.

National Guidelines:
Any IC item (item card, blueprint, currency, etc) that is not exchanged at an event must be sent via the in-character Post Office. This can be accomplished by mailing said items to the branch specific addresses listed below and will be delivered in-character at the next event. Any item of measurable IC value may not be mailed directly to a player or group.
Characters who are picking up items may do so during normal Post Office hours at events. 
IC items that are sent via PC means (your friend is traveling to the neighboring game, so you give them some stuff to pass on) is allowed, but must be passed by the Director of the branch prior to being brought into play, simply to confirm the item cards are correctly written and labeled.

Letters containing no items of measurable IC value may be mailed to individuals as desired but are encouraged to be sent to the branch for IC delivery by New Players. If you receive a letter and would like it delivered ICly, please bring it to Logistics during check-in.

The rules against stealing/robbing the Post Office remain the same, it is not allowed. 
Anyone found violating these rules will fall under the same guidelines and expectations as any other rule in the system.

Mailing Addresses:

Dystopia Rising Oklahoma
PO Box 2055
Pflugerville, TX 78691

Dystopia Rising Oregon
3003 W. 11th Ave. #196
Eugene, OR 97402

Dystopia Rising Pennsylvania
12 Barrel Stave Circle
Horsham PA 19044

Southern California:
Dystopia Rising Southern CA
(Address Pending)

Dystopia Rising Texas
PO Box 2055
Pflugerville, TX 78691

Dystopia Rising Virginia
12 Barrel Stave Circle
Horsham PA 19044

Dystopia Rising: Washington
17105 NE 117th ST
Redmond, WA 98052

Dystopia Rising Wisconsin
6508 S.27th St.
Suite 9 #282
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Dystopia Rising Arkansas
PO Box 790
Booneville, AR 72927

Dystopia Rising Colorado
2499 South Colorado Blvd. #601
Denver, CO 80222

Dystopia Rising Florida
1212 NW 41st Ter
Gainesville, FL 32605

Dystopia Rising Indiana
PO Box 361386,
Indianapolis IN 46236

Dystopia Rising Kentucky
9734 Sue Helen Dr
Louisville, KY 40299

Dystopia Rising Massachusetts
1 Hasbro Place #3710
Providence, RI 02903

New Jersey:
Dystopia Rising New Jersey
PO Box 8504
New Haven, Ct 06531

New York:
Dystopia Rising New York
PO Box 8504
New Haven, Ct 06531


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