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At Dystopia Rising, we do not encourage downtime role-play. No staff member will ever run a scene outside of game and only the lead-up to plots will be made available on forums and the like. The Downtime of DR is when we focus on being people instead of being characters.

It is our hope that you will spend your downtime making awesome costumes, props, friends and going out into the world to enjoy all that there is to offer.

However, we acknowledge that some people enjoy a degree of downtime RP. With that we have listed below the National policy as well as any further branch policies on mailing letters, items, currency and the like. If you have any questions, please log onto our forums and speak with the staff for the branch in question. These are not dictated by National, but instead gathered from all of the chapters that have procedures in regards to sending downtime materials into one place for ease of reference. 

National Guidelines: (listed branches have further requirements, see below)
- Letters containing no items/etc may be mailed to individuals. 
- Any item cards/currency/blueprints/etc (anything with potential or real IC value) must be brought to check-in and approved by an ST or Director.
- All unique item cards must be signed by a Director of the branch it is being brought into. 
- Deals and exchanges must be done IC, either at events or via "postmen" (letters between events). It is not appropriate to provide digital "shopping lists" of available items between events and in-game connections to justify trade connection must be provided upon request from a Director.

Indiana - All correspondence containing blueprints, item cards of any kind or currency must be mailed to PO Box 361386, Indianapolis IN 46236. Directors will verify in game background connections to justify the trade connection if necessary before having the mail delivered during play. Standard letters with no items included can be sent either to the PO Box for IC delivery or directly to the individual.

Florida - Anyone who wishes to have letters etc delivered IC may contact the Directors privately for a mailing address.

Washington - Standard letters with no items included can be sent to either the PO Box for IC delivery or directly to the individual. Any item cards/currency/ blueprints/etc with real or potential IC value must be mailed to the below address or brought to the ST desk during check-in. In the instance that something prevents an item from being received IC, when mail is delivered  IC a note will be included explaining why. 

Dystopia Rising: Washington
17105 NE 117th ST
Redmond, WA 98052

Wisconsin - All items must be mailed to the below address for delivery IC. Letters are preferred to be delivered via this method as well. 

6508 S.27th St.
Suite 9 #282
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Arkansas  - All letters containing in-game items of value must be mailed to:

Dystopia Rising Arkansas
PO Box 790
Booneville, AR 72927

Standard letters with no items included are encouraged to be sent to the PO Box for IC delivery by New Players (first 3 games), but not required. If you receive a letter and would like it delivered ICly, please bring it to Logistics during check-in.

Similarly, letters to be mailed out need to be delivered to the IC mailbox and will be sent out. DR AK will absorb the cost of mailing. 


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