What happens if I am using DR’s IP or trademarks to make money or sell stuff without prior permission from DR?
Your DR membership will be immediately terminated. In addition, DR, LLC may take legal action against you, which could include DR, LLC seeking injunctive relief, monetary damages, and attorney’s fees. But we don’t like to terminate memberships or to sue people. So don’t be a jerk and don’t steal.

What it means if you’re not an authorized crafter:

  • We don’t care what you craft, create, build, draw, or laser for fun or for your own personal use.
  • We don’t care what you craft, create, build, draw or laser and then give to a friend or loved one because you know they’ll love it.
  • We do care if someone comes to you and asks you to build a named DR weapon, which they pay for.
  • We do care if you are exchanging goods and services based on the DR IP for money, trade or other goods and services.

Is there a payment (in money or trade) being made for the item?

  • Is it something generic that is being used at a DR event? OK.
  • Is it something created based specifically on or from the DR universe? Not OK.


  •       A "Papaya Mr. Slappy" pistol: Not ok.
  •       A lead pipe: OK.
  •       A lead pipe with the Sainthood symbol on it: Not ok.
  •       A messenger bag with radiation symbols on it: OK.
  •       A messenger bag with Church of Darwin symbols on it: Not ok.

If you are unsure if something is potentially a mis-use of IP, we recommend reaching out to a Director for advice or input.

As an educational item, “fair use” rights allow for quotes and citations from original works, for the purposes of education or archival purposes and do not extend to items made for sale. We recommend learning about use rights on your own, but the link below provides a simple explanation of “Fair Use” and its boundaries: