Dystopia Rising

The Post Apocalypse LARP Network

Who we are

We are a community that games, not a gaming community. This is a phrase that has been said time and again since Dystopia Rising opened its doors to the public in 2008 and it still holds true. As a community we have chosen to play and live by a certain level of community standards while also enjoying the hobby of interactive live action story telling. We are not LARPers, we are a community that enjoys the hobby of LARP.

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What does this mean?

Each Chapter of Dystopia Rising follows the same rules, the same source material, follows the same community guideline, and works hard to produce a high value LARP experience. The Directors who run each game are franchise owners who invest more time and effort than anyone could do as a hobbyist. This means larger events, staff that works to support the community at game and between events, and a wide network of Dystopia Rising LARP chapters you can travel to for meeting new friends. LARP is a game you cannot win other than to have an experience and to build stories and memories. LARP truly is about the journey, and not the destination. 

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So what now?

There are links above that will allow you to download a free PDF copy of the rule book. The majority of this book is not game mechanics but instead community guidelines, basic world information, and details about the focus and design of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network. Don't bother sitting and reading it from cover to cover. Instead, use the bookmarks embedded in the PDF to find what sections are important to you to read. Take some time to look at our player photography, check out our pinterest pages, join us on HomeOfLARP.com, and use the above links to find the closest franchised chapter near you.


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