Thank you for your interest in hosting a Featured Event! 

Featured Events are special events held a few times a year where branches bring their game to the next level, holding an event that goes above and beyond the usual monthly game. A Featured Event runs an overarc (and modules under it) that highlight not only the culture and corner of the world they make real, but also the world as a larger unit. 
Special modules and events are held throughout the weekend to really make it stand out and to give the players something amazing to tell stories about afterwards. 

What is required:

- A branch may apply for a Featured Event after they have passed their 10th event run. An event is defined as a full weekend event, run from Friday - Sunday continuously.

- Applications for a Featured Event are due in at least six months before the event and by December 31st the year prior to the intended event. i.e.: An application for the Summer 2016 event needs to be in by 12/31/2015 at the latest. 

- Applications that are co-written by multiple branches will be favored more highly than single branch applications. Featured events should highlight the region, rather than a single event. The format by which the group of branches runs the event, in terms of staffing and profiting splitting, is the responsibility of the branches not DR LLC. 

- The more information included in an application the better. We don't expect you to have the entire event pre-written, it shouldn't be in fact. Approved applicants will work with Michael to sculpt the story that fits the size and scope of the event. But there should be an established idea of what the event will be. Provide the overarching story, why this is a special event, bigger than a standard one. 

- If your application is approved, there is a $5,000 fee due 30 days before the Featured Event. This fee can be paid any time between approval and the event. *Standard monthly attendant fee still applies.*

- The network as a whole will work to promote your event and encourage attendance. However, it is the responsibility of the hosting branch(es) to make available the information required for proper dissemination and advertising. 

- Those hosting need to be prepared and able to work closely with the network runners, planning and providing the needed details and information in a timely manner. Both sides will be expected to keep turn around time on emails to a maximum of 48 hours.

- Hosting a Featured Event requires a much higher level of staffing, supply use and facility requirement. Ashley will work with you to be sure you have enough of everything on hand, but the cost of these supplies should be factored in while planning. A safe plan is that you will go through 3 months worth of supplies during a Featured Event.

-It is an almost guarantee that the flow of traffic coming into Ops for farming/brewing/ blueprints/etc will be constant from the time the event starts until we hit the siren at noon on Sunday. We will work with you to schedule for that, but the on-site staff needs to be prepared to put in those extra hours needed on both the Coord and the Story side.

- A branch can opt to host this event at their regular site or at a special location. This location must be able to accommodate up to 600 attendants. The rough break down of numbers is:

-1 bunk/4 attendants (this accounts for tents). If the event is being held during colder months, this number should be closer to 1 bunk/2 players. 
 -1 toilet/25 attendants and 1 sink/2 toilets. These will require being stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer and Lysol. 

What we provide:

- A Featured Event offers perks to those that attend. These are often a massive draw for players and will often be the highest income month a branch has. During a Featured Event players are allowed to purchase:

- A maximum of 7 build per character paid for. 
- The ability to self-teach a skill or profession *at check-in* that is available to the character. 
- Players may pre-register for this event even if they are unable to attend. They will earn the build but not the self-teach or any other bonuses from the event. 
- The Spring event includes an extra day, starting Thursday instead of the usual Friday. This provides an extra "12s" as well as an additional 24hrs of play. 

- Once a Featured Event is approved, we will begin working with you to plan a really amazing event.

Michael will be in touch with the ST Director heading things up to finalize the overarc, modules and roaming threat. We will bring in aspects of the world at large to run, bringing the scope outside of the local branch(es) involved. This will include subjects, locations and groups that a the branch does not normally have access to. 

 Ashley will be in touch with the Coord Director heading things up to begin planning the logistics side of the event. These events standardly draw a minimum of twice a normal event (numbers vary). This both requires a much larger workload leading up to the event, but calls for more in the way of supplies, facilities, staffing in operations. 

- Once the season of the event begins, advertising will begin for the event. The event will be promoted not only on the local pages, but on the Network ones as well. A promo page will be featured on the main DR website. Season of the event begins approx. 1 month after the previous F.E. event, with promotion building as the calendar and schedules best fit.

- The days leading up to the event, Michael & Ashley will come in to assist in setting up both pre-registration and supplies as well as ensuring that the site is prepared in time for attendants. 

- Once the event begins, Michael & Ashley will work alongside you and your team for the duration of the event in all aspects.

To use as reference, please look over the plot and schedule file from Downfall 2015. This does not include the secondary files, such as Black Market, Murder Inc or the fully laid out levels and modules for the Wall or the Mine. Each of those has an additional 30-40 page document, planning out each event and stating all of the appropriate antagonists. 

Downfall 2015 Plot & Schedule - Password: tristanfalls
*Note: This file is property of DR LLC and should be treated the same as all IP restricted items. This file should not be shared with anyone outside your Directors. The modules contained within are not available for a branch to run themselves and should not be copied in any way. This is intended as reference material for scope and reach.


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