2.0 -> 3.0 Item Transfer

Trade in Values 
Values are for the Quantity on Item Cards and not the number of Item Cards 

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 3.41.21 PM.png

Items You Keep Using (Zero Trade in Value) 

  • Basic, Uncommon, and Rare Herbs 

  • Basic, Uncommon, and Rare Scrap 

  • Currency 

  • Non-Mechanical Items 

*Items with expiration dates maintain the same date. Once a card has expired or is turned into Ops or the Post Office it must be destroyed. 

Items That No Longer Exist (Zero Trade in Value) 

  • Plot Cards 

  • Unique Item Cards 

Purchased with Transfer Points: 

  • Basic Scrap or Herb: 1 Transfer Point per 3 Quantity 

  • Uncommon Scrap or Herb: 1 Transfer Point per 2 Quantity 

  • Rare Scrap or Herb: 1 Transfer Point per 1 Quantity 

  • Named Herb & Produce: 2 Transfer Point per 1 Quantity 

  • Named Scrap: 3 Transfer Points per 1 Quantity 

  • Blueprint: 5 points 

Survivor’s Talisman

Everyone has that one thing that is most important to their character, an item that may even define them. Something that would have been taken good care of in the 3 year jump. Because of this, every character will be able to transfer one item over from 2.0 to 3.0. You must turn in a valid 2.0 item card of the item that you will make your Survivors Talisman, as well as any applicable skills to use the item. While the new item may not be exactly the same, it must remain in the same category (ie: Weapon, Armor, etc) You will need to work with your local branch runners to find something that will be an appropriate match as most 2.0 items no longer exist in 3.0. This is up to your branch runners final approval. All expiration dates stay the same. This item will not cost Transfer Points but the old 2.0 card that it is transferring from may not be converted into Transfer Points. It will instead live on as this new 3.0 version, just like your character!

Off Screen Crafter 

In the 3-year jump everyone had the ability to make a friend who could craft them an Item. Using Transfer points, you can purchase the above raw materials and hand them to the Off-Screen Crafter to make any blueprinted item at your first 3.0 Event. 

There is no need to have the item cards made for the materials, just the points needed to have bought them. The result will be 1 item card made of the finished product. 

All it requires is the points to spend on the raw materials and access to use the item’s full potential. 


  • For Brews which do not require skills to use anyone can get them, however if it is a Strain specific Brew you must be that Strain. 

  • For a Weapon which requires a Master Skill to use only a character with the Master Weapon Skill Level can purchase that weapon.