Downfall is a yearly event for the Dystopia Rising Network where the event is run by the National team, with the assistance of volunteers from across the network.

Downfall is an epic scale blockbuster event with the intent and focus on providing an event for established fans of the Dystopia Rising universe. This event is not particularly designed for new player, since with the scale and scope of the event it is difficult to give new players who do not know the world the attention they need to actively assist them in both knowing the genre materials as well as become involved in the game.

Downfall events are events that have nearly 1,000 active players at the event. They are times when friends and family across the entire Dystopia Rising Network come together to share four days in our post-apocalyptic wonderland.

Downfall is a big budget event unlike most boffer LARPs. Massive sites, site resources, props, and materials are all standard for the event. In prior years massive structures, vehicles, and entire combat simulation towns have been built just for Downfall events. 

Downfall events are sandbox events with transparent zones of interest. We effectively tell the players where they can go for different types of role-play experiences, in the instance that they are looking to get engaged with NPC driven plots and stories. By stating where certain sorts of plots will be, players can choose their own degree of involvement and have the agency to take the event weekend at their own speed. 

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