Event Schedule

Downfall is held at: 
Camp Sacajawea
844 White Lake Rd
Lafayette, NJ 07848

Nearby Supply/Shopping Locations


There is a large parking lot to the right hand side of the campground. For those coming from I-80/Rt 15 (most common), the lot will be immediately before the campground and has a sign stating "Camp Sacajawea". All event attendants must park in this lot. We will have Marshals directing parking during the busy hours. They will assist in parking so that all can fit without being blocked in. Please be courteous and follow their directions as given. Each car will be given a tag to write the drivers name, player number and character name on it. This tag *must* be placed on your dashboard within easy sight. 

If you arrive during a time when there is not a marshal directing traffic, please park as tightly as possible, being sure to not block in another vehicle.  Our parking lot will fit around 300 cars, so long as we all work together to ensure everyone has a spot. If you do not receive a tag from a Marshal, you will receive one during check-in and need to return to your car to drop it off. 

Anyone who is attending for a single day or leaving on Saturday should park in the small lot in front of the campground. This area will be blocked off until Friday afternoon. If you are staying for the full weekend or leaving any time Sunday DO NOT park in this lot. You will be towed.

Tents can be set up in either the "Caravan/Wagon" field, the field around the pavilion next to the Caravan field or the field near the maze (please see map above for a visual explanation). Overflow, if needed, will be the field by the main building. 
Tents may be allowed in other areas, provided they do not include any guide lines and are genre appropriate. Tents outside of the marked tent city areas to encourage genre and immersion as much as possible. Requests to tent outside the designated areas must be sent via email to DownfallDR@gmail.com no later than August 30th and must contain dimensions and images. 
While genre appropriate sleeping areas are encouraged in all locations, there are no visual or genre/settings restrictions on tents within the tent city fields.

Tents are not "safe" areas. NPCs will not enter a tent. If there is an attack, the tent will be notified by announcement and gentle shaking of the tent. Inhabitants will have 45 seconds to exit the tent or will be considered dropped into immediate bleed out. 


The campground will have a mix of reservable and first-come, first-serve bunks available. 

Reserved bunks can be purchased alongside a pre-registration and will be housed in the main building of the site. These rooms will have a sign on the door, indicating their "reserved" space status. Players who purchase a bunk reservation will find a colored band inside their pre-reg envelope. Please attach this band to the chosen bunk, once you have dropped off your bedding. No bunks outside the reserved area may be taken by a person who has reserved a bunk. Reservations are not by specific bunk and we make no guarantees past the existence of a bunk. 

Outside these reserved bunks, all beds are first-come, first-serve.  Bunks may not be saved for later attending players and no one may ever be denied an unused bed based on any in-charater affiliation. While we may be strangers in character, everyone is afforded the same access to sleeping space equally. 

The only exception to this is the set number of spaces that have been designated for medical sleep. Please see the Non-Standard Sleeping section below for further details.

Photography & Film

The event is being both photographed and filmed, for later use. Bring your A game for costuming and setting. We will be working to capture the best visuals possible to represent not just the event but also the network as a whole, as this footage will be used to create a pair of commercial/videos of Dystopia Rising. We want you to make it in, but can't include photos with a background of Gatorade bottles and item cards.

Everyone in attendance will need to sign a "model" waiver, available at check-in. It is our hope to capture the amazing characters, costumes and modules that will go on during the weekend. Please assist us buy keeping your OOC items out of site and avoiding posing for the camera. These photographers and film crew will be wearing green headbands and will be 100% out of character. Please treat them as such. 

If you do not wish to be on film, a limited number of small "no photography" buttons will be available at Ops. Please wear one in a visible location. If you find yourself in an area being filmed or recorded, it will still be your responsibility to remove yourself from the view of the film crew. These buttons will assist the photographers in not taking your photo. All film and photographs will be reviewed before being made public. 

Off-Site Accommodations

For those looking for more civilized space, there are a variety of hotels within 5-10 miles of the camp site. We encourage you to shop around, as we do not have any special rates set up with a hotel. We do not offer shuttle service or the like to and from the event, so please include that in your planning should you take this option. 
Note, those who stay off site will be asked to assist those with bigger set-ups during "cabin clean-up". As they say, many hands makes light work. 

Non-Standard Sleeping Requirements

We have set aside a room of bunks for the event for those who have a medical requirement to sleep OOC. If this applies to you, please send us an email notifying us along with a notice from your medical provider that you are cleared to participate in the event. 

If you require a CPAP machine for sleep, this room has power outlets. You will need to bring sufficient power cords/extension cords for a potential of up to 10ft. We will not have extra cords on site. 

The letter from your medical provider must include the following two items. 
1: Confirmation that you have a medical condition that requires a listed number of hours of uninterrupted sleep. 
2: Confirmation that despite this medical condition you are cleared to participate in all other aspects of the event without any reasonable risk to your health. 

This email should be sent to DownfallDR@gmail.com and must be received no later than August 30th, 2016. We will not be able to ensure that requests made the day of the event will be possible to accommodate. 

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from attending the event as a full combat player (commonly referred to as a "non-combat") notice needs be sent prior to the event. 

Please send notice to DownfallDR@gmail.com and include a notice from your medical provider. The letter from your medical provider must include the following two items. 
1: Confirmation that you have a medical condition that requires a listed number of hours of uninterrupted sleep. 
2: Confirmation that despite this medical condition you are cleared to participate in all other aspects of the event without any reasonable risk to your health.

While we strive to make our events as safe as reasonably possible, there is an inherent amount of risk involved in a live-action event and the medical needs of an individual must be considered when deciding whether or not to attend a physically active event. 

Kitchen/Cooking Facilities

Camp Sacajawea has a full kitchen with grill-top stove and standard amenities that will be mainly used for the pre-purchased meal plan. Those who wish to sign up for a slot to use the kitchen should email Rob Dixon at FrostyHardTop@gmail.com. Spaces are very limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you do not sign up, do not anticipate being able to use the space. 

Refrigerator space is similarly limited and will not be open to the public. If you are bringing perishable food, please plan to store it in a cooler or the like. Ice is available at many of the local stores. 

Cooking is allowed on grills/fire pits within the camp. Fires in grills must be off the ground at least 6 inches. Any open flame/cooking apparatus *must* be watched at all times. Fire pits may only be left once it is cool enough to stick an ungloved hand into without injury (this is an example. Do not stick your hand into hot coals.) If a fight breaks out near a fire, the staff member watching the mod will stay by the fire until the mod is over. A PC may not use open flame to avoid danger.