Word is that there is a team of egg heads trying to catch certain raiders which are showing signs of rampant mutation. They want to get teams together to cut them up and understand why the raiders are mutating. 

I don't know who has the ties to the Iron Works, but word is that there is a "heavy ordinance vehicle" in the area looking to gun down some Heavy Raiders.

The Warpath have started to work with Thrill Kill, Heavy Raiders, and Dead Eye Raider clans. I don't know how they keep the swarms in order, but they do.

Merchants from the Trade Union are coming into the area to buy and sell. Word is you can get bulks of  Drift Plastic, Koa Wood, Evergreen Bamboo, Tuscarora Heartwood, and many other hard to find scraps, herbs, and prints. That is, of course, if you have the influence of income to sit at the table. 

There is a ship locked in one of the lakes. Looks like it was brought in at high tide and got stuck there. Places has turned into a rather nice location for a secluded den of cut throats and less desirable folk. The Salt Wise oversee the place, and serve some of the finest ale with stories to share if you got a gift to talk to bartenders.

Tink... Tink. Where have I heard that name before? Is that the Rover who thinks they are a Diesel Jock? WAIT! WHAT? She is coming here?! I gotta go... I have this really horrible case of not-being-run-over brewing that I need to take care of.

An electrified fence could increase our defenses, but the generator will require keeping the crank turning day and night. Maybe we can get some irons to turn the wheel.

High ranking members of many faiths are building temples and territories for their faith. I hear even the Court of Kings and Queens has put together a "USO SHOW". 

Hydro-filtramawhatsit?  It sounds wicked complex, even for me!  Wait, it can farm up WHAT?  I thought you couldn't get those easily anymore!

 Millstone Farms they call them.  They're expensive to make, but they yield more herb than anywhere else.  They take more work than normal and can attract parasites that make farming harder, but if you maintain them and keep the equipment clean they can pump out a lot of herb.

 Nathaniel Carmichael? What do you mean you've never heard of him! He's the head of the Lamplighters! He's one of the heads of the Sainthood of Ashes who goes to and establishes settlements in places where they should and shouldn't be able to start up. He's got a small group of folk that he's trained to do this. If he's headed to the Devil's Den, then that place has a fighting chance.

I swear to god, I broke the weapon in the Warpath's hand and it just kept working! The last thing I saw before I came out of the Gravemind was his teeth before he ate my eyes...

The Sainthood might have their lanterns, but the Wrath of the Seven is what blazes the path to victory. Live hard, die hard. And it’s the responsibility of every Hedon to answer that call to reach the pearly gates of Saturday night.. and don’t fuck with the Lifter bitch or her crew – she lives and breathes the tenants of Hedon, and if she catches you not putting in your part during the week, you won’t fucking make it to Saturday night.

The traders say that the caravans have supplies from lost settlements. Some sort of really strong wood to make leg breaking doors.

The Hedons? Those fuckers always have an ulterior motive. I seen them carrying chains, cages, all sorts of shit. They aren’t trying to kill the raiders. They’re trying to fucking capture them, I swear.

We’re fucking Hedon. We are wrath, we are lust, we are pride and gluttony and sloth – we’re the heartbeat of the fucking wastelands. Stand with us, stand with your own – or be crushed underneath us. Those who aid their Faith will be rewarded. Those who don’t.. will have that faith stripped from them. 

There is a boat down in the lake. Got stranded there after the water was high one time. Now they use it as a means to do private business and high end entertainment. Word is you need some sort of income connections just to be allowed on it for their private events. 

Come on down to the Hookah Bazaar, where the people are as friendly as you are!

Centurions? HERE? I thought they were a myth. Word is that they are all brainers. They kill any child that doesn't show strength and the ability to use their mind as much as their muscles.

Your type of people drinks? Yeah we got that, we got it all...bring your thirst, bring your friends!

100,000 raider heads. That is what they are calling for. Culling 100,000 raider heads. Plus there is some sort of mutating War Path raider that bosses over entire groups of raiders. They are offering huge bounties on those. The brains are calling them "catalysts". 

Rover's be careful of those scarves or you’ll find out where those Tears of yours come from.

Sure, a Cure sounds great… but there is no way I’m putting THAT inside of me.

Check your pockets, then check your friends pockets, then check your neighbors pockets, that way you’ll be safe, at least that’s what people around here think of your stuff   

Hookah of the Dreamer? I heard about that, I wonder what happens if I had that special pipe?

Push the bar, make the lights, rest, push the bar, make the lights, rest, push the bar, Freedom.

Fuck the past, we need to move forward towards the future. The future is where we need to be.

The quick white fire, jumped quickly over the lazy grey fence and caught the zed.

What’s stronger than steel? An Iron Slave, but the Wheel grinds them all the same.

You need secrets? We got them, see the Currie. Be prepared to get dirty and glowing.

Am I the only one who is weirded out by this Fence thing? Sure, it’s “safe” and all… but how safe can it really be?

Those Nuclear Wardens, always have their fingers on that trigger, I’d hate to see what happened if they didn’t. I could barely move carrying those things on their back.

Delaying the Bad Brain is our only hope, our only hope, our only hope, our only hope…..

I wonder what they have in that giant sealed cannister.  Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

And then the two of the got married.  It was nice and all but I swear I’ve seen him with someone else.

Coughing and Sniffles?  You have GOT to be kidding me.  I’ve never heard of a raider with a cold.


...much more to come. :)