Downfall 2016 is a return to the core content of the Dystopia Rising world.

In returning to the core drives of Dystopia Rising, we will be looking to the themes most pervasive and encompassing of the game universe. The growing horror. Trying to understand the unknown. A drive for survival. A community based on thwarting extinction. By embracing these themes we will be able to introduce future timelines, lore, and globally linked plot that drives both the table top and LARP universe in the coming years.

In focusing on the core themes of the Dystopia Rising Universe, players will have the opportunity to take the fight to one of the oldest antagonists in the Dystopia Rising Universe. The Raider. Instead of waiting on the infected Raider to siege and raid at night, players will have the opportunity to take the initiative against the enemy as well as potentially gain a greater understanding of what makes a Raider different from a Strain.

Downfall will also focus heavily on faith. Not "I have a religion on my sheet" but instead FAITH. Priests will consider the meaning of their core religious doctrine, the devoted will deal with conflicts of religious ideals, and people who have dedicated their lives to a religion will need to consider what that truly means. 

Downfall will also have ties to economy and trade, as caravans bring supplies and resources from around the wasteland to sell and trade. Forgotten artifacts, resources lost to the wastelands, and materials not seen outside some of the most deadly portions of the wastelands. 

Content of Downfall 2016 will be intense. We will provide a full "intended content listing" so that players can determine if this event is right for them. In addition to our standard bleed and "opt out of scenes" opportunities, players will be able to access a designated OOC safe area for decompression as the player feels it is needed.