The caravaners crossroads of Devil’s Den isn’t as much a town as it is a place where Rovers, Diesel Jocks, and caravan drivers stop over when traveling towards the Ayesea from the south. Devil's Den is a nestled settlement of ramshackle storm shelters, a handful of positions defensible to the outside, threats, and wide roads that allow for ease of movement.

Where Devil’s Den becomes noteworthy is in relation to an issue the crossroads deals with every autumn. As the summer peaks and moves on, the area becomes inundated with Raiders. While Raiders in large numbers can be seen as a short term threat, overall the Raiders were not seen as the primary threat of the area at first. Conflicts of faith, devotees to different walks of life, and calculated strikes by zealots of faith churned the soil of the lands red instead of threats from raiders. 

While at first this was an opportunity to cull (and harvest scrap) from disorganized Raider threats, over the past 5 years the climate of the area has changed. Raider attacks and their related settling in the area has grown from a few hundred over a couple of months to a few thousand raiders arriving every day. Disorganized attacks made by raiders in small batches has turned into waves of organized assaults coming from all directions. Raiders fresh with spoils of war from neighboring settlements drag their weapons, their armor, their rides, and their victims to the Devil’s Den so that they can prepare for the culling of the autumn. New breeds of Raider, previously unseen in the wastelands, seem to be evolving at an exponential pace. 

Scouting reports this year show that the population of Raiders in the wasteland have all but doubled since last year. With more and more heartier survivors becoming infected, with birth rates of naturally born Raiders being higher, and the weakest (and dumbest) of the clans being culled on suicide missions to established settlements the strength and numbers of raiders are on the rise. The issue has grown large enough that the head of the Postal Workers herself reached out to high ranking leaders of the faith to negotiate a temporary cease fire, a focus of peace just long enough to deal with the scourge of Raiders that will strike at the Devil’s Den. .

While an accord of peace was found, it is unknown how long the peace will last.      

Welcome to the Devil's Den