Since Downfall 2016 is not a home game for anyone, there is no use of check-in skills. However, this doesn't mean that the skills on your sheet are going to mean nothing. Instead, you will have the opportunity to engage in modules and role-play situations based on the fact that you have certain check-in skills. With a little bit of active engagement related to the skill you have, it is very likely that you will gain more resources and materials than you would get from traditional check in.

Here is a list of general information on how all check in skills will work.   

Animal Handling

There will be a number of hands on modules that require the Animal Handling skill that will allow you to engage a number of times per 12s equal to the level of Animal Handling you have. With some effort, this can result in many more resources being produced than what can normally be created via the check in skill.

Bartenders Tongue

To get access to rumors and information that is seriously on the “inside track” you actually need to go talk to the bartenders and postal workers in town. Down in the caravans there is an active bar that is ran by NPCs. If you engage the bartenders and postal workers nicely, lean in and lean in to whisper “bartenders tongue”, they will give you dirt and information on a number of the groups as well as some inside tips.  Be prepped to show you have the skill (so you don’t have to dig around later, have it prepped if you intend to use it).

Different NPCs have different information, and, these people will give a volume of information based on how you engaged them and what conversations you had. After getting info, you can engage the NPCs for potential further details as well. May we suggest finding out about who you are talking to before you ask potentially awkward information?  How you approach the conversation of radiation in regards to a Fallow Hopes and Darwinist bartender could result in very different sets of information.

Big Dig

As this is a travel game for everyone, no one gets to use Big Dig at check in.

However, an incredibly long and shifting theme obstacle course has been built out in the NPC only zone. If you have the JONES skill, you will have an opportunity to actually do hands on engagement to earn your cash and prizes. However, for those of you who regularly are wounded on the way into town, know that these Jones runs do come with threat. Fortune and glory for those that risk it all.

Black Market

Black Market members need to discretely ask the hosts of the Light of Hedon who they should talk to. When you do so, show your sheet and where it says “Black Market”. These people can direct you to secondary people who are active Black Market connections, give you the inside detail on a number of Black Market specific plots, and Black Market story arcs. Just remember who you are talking to, and show some respect, otherwise you may get directed to the wrong people at the worst times.

Guild Membership

People are starting to acknowledge the existence of a paid group of murderers more and more. Discretion is key, just because of the sensitive nature of this work, so representatives of Murder Inc have seeded details of where to find paid contracts. If you know what to say (have Guild Membership on your sheet), you can ask for news from the right mailbox at the postmasters office. However, since the postal workers also handle duplication of prints and filling out of cards, may we suggest writing that you want to use the skill on a suspiciously blue piece of paper and hand it over with your sheet? With the number of people that go to the depot on a regular basis you should be able to slip your communication right through without people noticing.


As this is a travel game for everyone, no one gets currency at check in.

However, if you have the income skill there are a number of merchants who will be in play down in the caravaners market that will be selling unique materials, prints, and resources from around the wastelands. Materials from now defunct settlements might be available, as well as hard to find gizmos. But, these people only want to engage real movers and shakers. If you catch the interest of these merchants, we will contact your local director so that they can do follow up financial plots and stories for you.

However, your level income is your bargaining chip to get in the door. The higher the level you have, the more they are willing to work with.


There are no trade opportunities at check in for Sailing.

However, a number of sailing modules will occur that will require someone with Sailing. These modules will also introduce a number of NPCs that will only trade with other nautically minded folk.  If you are looking to do work on the sea, I suggest checking in down at the water front on occasion.

Trade Ties

As this is a travel game for everyone, no one gets to use Trade Ties at check in.

Having connections across the wastelands is important, and massive gatherings (even in a state of emergency) is a fantastic opportunity to make connections with hard to find resource connections. There will be a number of merchants looking to trade herb, scrap, and hard to find materials but will only sit down to do so with people who really know the roads. Some of the traders have the potential to open resource trade ties which will be approved at National level, and then designed by yourlocal Director (while working with national) to make a trade route unique item card for your local game that is of appropriate scale to your chapter.

Diesel Jock NPCs will only trade with other Diesel Jock NPCs who can show off their rides.