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This year for Downfall 2017 we are moving to an amazing new site!

This location offers us hundreds of acres of modular space, amazing terrain, and amenities that branch out over the entire site. Bathrooms, showers, water faucets, and electricity will be available within a short distance of all major camping areas.

With miles of modular space paths to recreate caravan routes, a massive pond, a river, and two defensible location islands, and with enough space to host 1,000 tents with room to expand outward in character networks of players will have absolutely no problem organizing large communal camping areas. 

In addition to the abundance of amenities, this site also operates both an on site store (near the entrance) as well as a full professional restaurant with a professional kitchen and kitchen staff who will be handling all of our food needs. No longer  will you need to worry about overworked players attempting to provide your nutritional needs for 4 days. Instead you can allow professionals to handle it for you. 

This game location is a tenting only site. You must bring a tent or share a tent with a friend at this event.

When you pre-register, make sure to set up tenting accommodations for yourself or with your friends. This location does not offer structures to sleep in, pre-existing beds, or platform tents that you can just set up in.

To offer players two different options of immersion investment, we have set areas for genre and non-genre tenting options. If you want to use a modern box tent from a local store, not a problem. You will have all the space you need to set up these tents over in the non-genred tenting area.

Those players that have genre appropriate tents will be able to set up closer to the main play space of game, thereby assisting the immersion and genre of the entire event.  There will also be sections of the play space where temporary structures will be erected by the NPCs also invested in the area.

This site has more than enough space for us to not only build miles of module and horror space, but also provides more than enough space for you and dozens of your friends to build your own micro-settlements. Just be sure that if your entire crew is going to be doing in-genre camping, that all of the friends who are there have genre appropriate temporary structures! 

In addition to providing a better environment for role-playing (because that is why we are all here), having a genre appropriate area will also result in more merchants and resource peddlers from the national team looking to do business in your area. With there be a number of resources that can only be gathered at National events (Uprise and Downfall), having a great in character space that is kept genre appropriate helps you and your friends multiple times over.

Medical Sleep
Players with a need for medical/OOC sleep space will be able to set up in a quiet area, with connections for CPAP and other items that require electricity. If you would like to request a medical sleep space, please send request and a current doctors note to DownfallDR@gmail.com

Doctors note must contain confirmation of need for medical sleep as well as clearance for all other larp related activities. We have provided suggested language, to better explain what we need:

"My patient, John Smith, has a medical condition that requires them to sleep undisturbed for a minimum of 6 hours each night. With that, they have my clearance to participate in all other activities included in a live-action event, as they chose to participate in."

Please note, this is not required language, only suggestion based on many questions for clarification over the years. 





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