Rumors Grow as the event gets closer

The circle of 12 Knots are looking to push out slavery and get the Trade Union to force the Iron Works to let go of its slave based culture. Do you think they will do it?

There are resources that have been traded around the wastes for so long that the places the resources came from don't exist any more. If I were you, I would set up trade connections while I can.

Well, there is no farm. This means the first thing we need to do is build a farm for the people growing herbs and handling animals. 

There is an entire kill zone filled with broken DJ rides, old caravans, and debris that is a defensible location for us to fight... which is good because they will be coming by the thousands.

The caravan routes are no joke. Between the stations is between one and three miles of rough trails, dips, obstacles, and climbs to bring your caravan through. The payout, however, is worth every aching muscle and every drop of sweat from your brow. 

I heard there is a raider clan in the area... real nasty group of Dead-Eyes that have learned to beat people with their guns in close. One of them, the alpha I think, had some sort of blood stained shirt about messing up their kids.

The morgue here is submerged. There is a chance that with the super cold water that ships can go out and pull you back in before your body actually becomes more fungus. There has to be some way to figure out if someone is coming up on the shore or if we have to go out to get them. 

Word is that the Rat Kings own Daughter is going to represent the interests of "The Kingdom" at the summit. Anyone looking to chop off a branch of that family tree better keep an eye out for her black-eyed "pets".  Raiders aren't supposed to be trainable. 

A retail center is being set up and the best looking merchant station is getting a huge load of supplies to sell as a reward. Nothing too "high end" but instead a large load of the sorts of materials everyone is looking for. 

I swear to you, these Diesel Jocks were dragging a giant metal rectangle box through the wastes and screaming "Party on" to the poor bastard that was inside. 

More rumors to come in a few weeks. 

Word is that the Iron Works has taken some offense to the value of their currency dropping. According to the Trade Union they "no longer have interests in supporting trade with communities that prosper on the suffering caused by slavery" and have devalued their interests in Vegasia, AyeSea, and the Iron Works. 

How do you handle dealing with all of the dead that follow thousands of survivors traveling into one area? Here we light giant smokestacks with a zed attractant so we can control the where and the when of the majority of the undead threats. Sure, its an ugly fight, but its better for us to know that we are going to be fighting a few thousand undead where we can control the environment and the when instead of having hundreds of small waves hitting us everywhere at all times. Is it foolproof? Nothing is foolproof given the nature of some of the fools in the wastelands. 

If you know the right people, there are materials and resources only available at these massive trade gathers. Materials from fallen settlements, incredibly rare resources, and materials you are unable to find anywhere else. Sometimes it's about knowing the right people and being affluential enough, sometimes it's about knowing the wrong people and being willing to leave your morals at the door. 

What could go wrong? A single location where the Rovers and the Diesel Jocks have been been given "peacekeeping responsibilities", representatives from cultures that hate each other coming together to sway allegiances and alliances, a forum for sharing all the information we can, a table where individuals or entire settlements can voice grievances, and periodic culling of thousands of undead threats. Sounds like a walk in the park.  

There is a ride coming in from the wastes... some call it the "Hell Raiser". There are plumes of dust following behind it. I hope the Hell Raiser hasn't come to die at the hands of the Wasteland Legend. That ride is too pretty to be scrapped. 

How do you prove to the travelers from around the waste that you have seen some shit? Maybe a token that shows that you fought at something that everyone has heard about. A wall service ticket? Hell yeah that shows you seen some shit! 

Who the hell, or what the hell, is a Chrome Flower? 

The Circle of 12 Knots is opening their camp, their home, to visitors and offering them the hospitality of their combined caravans. This is not only amazing, but it is terrifying. Screwing up in the encampment means you are breaking not one Rovers hospitality, but the hospitality of all Rovers who have come together under the agreement of the caravans. 

What did they mean by "The Diesel Jocks will be the justice"? Yeah... I can answer that. If you are a Diesel Jock and you want access to the Rover caravans, that means you are stepping up as a combination of police and enforcer. The Diesel Jocks are given the honor, and the unfortunate duty, of being the peace keepers of the gather. Rover word is law, Diesel Jock punishment is your sentence. 

Want to know what you normally hear sitting around the bar for hours? Well, there are people in town who literally sit around town all day and can share the gift of gab of the bartenders tongue... if you know how to approach the subject of gossip. 

Zombies. Hundreds of thousands of zombies. Not Raiders, or diseases, or some sort of bullshit psionic protrusion mumbo jumbo... the biggest threats are the people coming together and the hundreds of thousands of zombies that are going to just be swarming into the killing fields over and over and over and over. 



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