Frequently asked questions


Are there cabins for sleeping at Downfall 2017?

This event will consist of camping only. This means that you should either bring a tent, share with your friends, or rent one of the yurts on the yurt rental page.

More information on sleeping arrangements can be found here.

When does Pre-reg closes?

Attending pre-reg closes on September 10, 2017. If you are not attending Downfall 2017 in person, non-attending pre-reg closes on September 21, right before the event.

Can I "buy back" a Downfall event?

You can only buy back a Downfall event if you've purchased an event ticket. Tickets will NOT be available to players after the event is over.

Can I register at the door?

Yes, you can register at the event. The ticket price will be the same; the only difference is that the line will be longer.

Can I self-teach a profession or skill if I'm not attending the event?

Self-teaching skills or professions are ONLY available to those who attend the event.

Is the store at Cooper's Lake Campground open?

There is a convenience store on site at Downfall, which will be open during regular hours during the entirety of the event. This is considered an out-of-character area. For more details about the store, check out Cooper's Lake's site.

Is NPCing all weekend at Downfall free?

Because of the cost of site rental, all-weekend NPCs need to pay $30 to participate in the event.

What is considered a "genre" tent?

Consider what would be genre in the post-apocalypse. Most materials have broken down, and many things are created from scratch. This means that canvas tents dyed natural colors are considered as genre. Any brightly-colored, nylon tents are not genre without alterations and coverings.

What's the meal plan?

The meal plan gives you meals over the course of Downfall. Cooper's Lake has an on-site restaurant that will be catering these meals.

Where is the donations list?

The donations list for Downfall is located here:

Players receive double AP for each dollar spent on donations. When donating, please email your receipt to

Can I convert National AP to XP if I'm not attending?

You cannot convert national AP to xp if you're not attending the game, similar to other travel games.

Is there non-genre tenting?

If you did not purchase an area in the genre tenting site, then there is TONS of space in the non-genre tenting area. If you have a non-genre tent, there will absolutely be space for you and your tent.







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