Dystopia Rising

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Since this is a national event, there are normally no home players. This would normally mean no check in skills.

However, we would like to provide players the opportunity to use their check in skills in unique ways that will not only provide them the opportunity for more potential resources gained, but also undoubtedly more options for plot and modular engagement. 

Animal Handling: There will be a nearly functional farm where players will be able to engage in ongoing plots, modules, and mechanics via physical labor to produce more produce resources than they normally would be able to via the check in skill. 

Bartenders Tongue: Having the skill bartenders tongue will give you the ability to check in throughout the event weekend with a number of listed face NPCs who will not only have information, but, will also gain updates as the event goes on based on the actions that players take during the weekend. 

Big Dig: Instead of rolling for loot, you will be able to take a number of people with you equal to your level of Big Dig on a real world obstacle course challenge for the recovery of lost materials, artifacts, and even new resources that are being released into the DR network as of Downfall. 

Black Market Connections: Some merchants have materials that fell off the back of a caravan which are only available for people who are actively involved in the seedier portion of buying and selling illicit goods. If it's poisonous, addictive, massively destructive, or morally questionable it can be moved via the Black Market. In addition to NPC produced materials, Black Market members can leave goods they want to move anonymously for other players to potentially buy.   

Deep Pockets: There will be special merchant booths set up with lists of national resources for sale. These merchants will get supplies multiple times through an event weekend, and, will have these items for sale only to people with the Deep Pockets skill. 

Guild Membership: With all of the settlements coming together under the agreement of non-conflict, without a doubt there will be a number of opportunities for Guild Members to cash in on high risk, high pay, targets. Political movers and shakers are often not without political enemies with enough resources to make for a high paid hit. 

Income: Representatives looking to introduce a number of unique trade routes are looking for people who can afford investing in their wares. If you have the financial influence, they have the material influence to have resources redirected to your settlement. 

Sailing: Two rivers and a lake means that there is opportunity to move materials not only via the ground, but also by sea. A ship simulation will be built inside an enclosed module space where players with Sailing can bring an entire crew for aquatic mis-adventures in violence and profit. 

Trade Ties: The cornerstone of this Downfall, without a doubt, is Trade Ties. Those players with the Trade Ties skill (or the Rover / Diesel Jock Strain) will be able to organize teams of short distance caravan runs. With resource containers that need to be brought through the wasteland and stamped off at different key locations, miles and miles of paths and routes have been set aside for opportunities to make wealth moving your resources. Watch out for threats, and opportunities, when out on the road. You never know what you may find in the miles of foot traffic between the different local trade stations. 




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