Authorized Crafter Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Crafter with Dystopia Rising LLC. The application is below. If your application is approved, you must sign an Authorized Crafter Agreement with Dystopia Rising, LLC before you can begin using Dystopia Rising, LLC’s trademarks, images, and logos. We will send you a copy of the Authorized Crafter Agreement when we inform you of our decision to approve you. So you understand the basics of that Agreement, below is a summary of the agreement’s terms. 

Authorized Crafters receive:

  • Rights to use any and all DR symbols, images and other trademarked images, as well as descriptions and concepts for the purposes of item crafting.
  • Access to all high-res images of DR symbols etc for use and reference
  • Listing on the DR website, with sample images and direct link to crafters contact
  • Periodic advertisement, via social media, to the DR fan base
  • Opportunities to sell product at “National/Featured” Events, as applicable

Authorized Crafters pay, on a quarterly basis, 4% of any DR sale. A DR related sale is defined as an item made for a DR event, character or player that includes a DR logo/description/concept base.

  • Yes: A jacket with the church of Darwin symbol embroidered on it
  • No: A fantasy sword for a LotRs game, but the person knows about the crafter via DR

Name *
Types of items crafted *
Due to the nature of boffer creation, we require a sample of work prior to authorization. A sample should be mailed to: Dystopia Rising LLC P.O. Box 8504 New Haven, CT 06531. Submitted items become the property of Dystopia Rising LLC. *
Alternatively, anyone local to the New Jersey or New York branch may send their sample via Director. In either instance, be sure to clearly include your name and contact information with the item.
Dystopia Rising LLC does not have a desire to stifle the robust and awesome crafting community that has grown up within the DR neighborhood. However, much as the gaming community is in agreement that everyone needs to pay their artists, so to is it necessary to protect the work and creation that has gone into making the DR world. 
For further information on DRs protecting of IP and trademark, CLICK HERE