Community Action Points (CAPs)

Community Action Points is a system of thank-you and rewards that exists to give to players that work to make the community of Dystopia Rising a better place. These points can be spent on a list of things that will enhance their in-game experience. CAPs replace the old Assistance Points (AP), to match the 3.0 system that goes live in September 2019.

The goal of this program is to offer a way to show that the runners of Dystopia Rising branches appreciate people who want to make things better for those around them, and want to reward them with the thing that we all came here for: fun!

CAPs are branch specific, so someone earning CAPs in one branch is only be able to spend it in that same branch. We want people to take part in helping whatever community they are currently in and not just the one they are from. The exception to this is Network CAPs (earned at Networked events and through network-wide initiatives), which are spendable at any branch where the player is in good standing.

CAPs can be combined from several players to receive a group reward. In addition, you can choose to spend your CAPs to give a reward to someone else. This is so any player can tip their CAP to anyone in appreciation.

How To Receive Community Action Points

Community Action Points are gained by giving back to the other players at events. We at Dystopia Rising believe that the only way for a community to grow positively is for all of us to be doing our best to help the people around us. With that we want your achievements in positivity to be rewarded; we have re-developed a system where you can earn a badge of honor that you can spend on all kinds of things.

Below are the amounts that CAPs can be awarded:

  • Thank You!: 10 CAPs

  • Above and Beyond: 25 CAPs

  • Life Saver: 50 CAPs

  • There Are No Words: 100 CAPs

  • Extra Casting: 10 CAPs per hour

  • Guides: 40 CAPs per event attended, for being great

Please note that above are static amounts. Only one award may be given per instance.

List of Rewards

This list is a living, adapting system. Items on this list may be added, updated or removed, as appropriate.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.39.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.40.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.40.40 PM.png

Community Action Points Store

On top of all of the above items, which can be purchased to enhance your in-game experience, the Dystopia Rising Website will soon be home to the Community Action Points Store! Here, you will be able to purchase items like patches, stickers, pins, unique story rewards, and other items that are exclusive to the Community Action Points store and can only be purchased with Community Action Points.

CAP store items will only be purchasable with CAPs; there will be no monetary cost for them. Any CAPs can be used in the store; this includes CAPs from any branch as well as the CAPs given by the network.

The goal is to make a place where you can get something fun for yourself that you can’t buy with anything other than your good will and helpful nature.

All items on the Community Action Points store will be exclusive and limited edition so you will be able to show off how great you are and how much we appreciate you being a part of this community.

Changelog 8/1/19


  • Helpful Things To Know: This section has a “Why:” added to each point to better illustrate the reasoning. 

  • Mind Refresh: This is now available 2 times per event to match the 2.0 version. 

  • Mind Refresh: Amount of Mind received was raised to 5 CAPs for 2 Mind over the previous 5 CAPs for 1 Mind 

  • Predetermined Casted Characters: This is now better defined as being for specially made larger roles that are cast specifically to be for this reward from the start. This is to make clear that this is not adding a cost to all casted character roles which will still be given out in the same as previous. 

  • Origin Story: This name was changed from Star For A Day as it is a long term and not single day story that your character will be able to tell. 

  • CAPs Reward Portal: Name changed from Community Action Points Store as the goal is not to purchase things but to be rewarded for good deeds. 

New Additions 

  • Additional Character Rewrite: Now a character can be rewritten beyond the standard once in the first 3 events. 

  • Unique Casted Character: This is a new reward to add to the Predetermined Casted Characters which allows for special roles to be played as well as for you to co-create them with the design teams.

  • Create A New Zombie / Raider / Creature: These three reward levels have been added to further build a game that is co-created by both the game runner and you the player. Creatures, Zombies and Raiders made this way will be added to our internal database available to be used all over the network. 

  • Zone Of Mechanics: In the spirit of allowing you to co-create your game world this level allows players to create unique story based mechanics linked to an area in order to allow you to tell larger stories that can affect the world. 

  • Work Station Zone: This also builds your ability to co-create the game space by allowing you to make more locations where you and your friends can craft items in game. 

  • Production Zone: Similar to above this allows you to create a zone where you can produce items.

  • Rumors and Gossip: A small yet fun way to build story into the fabric of the game. Also a fun way to have people talk about you if you need to miss game.

  • Faction Influence: This will allow your branch to tell stories on a larger scale allowing you to influence bigger story points that may send the settlement in different directions. 


  • CAPs for Player Plot Requests: This was added originally on request of several branches story creators as a way to create a value for the additional time and resources that need to go into these requests. After listening to feedback we have removed the CAPs cost and will be looking into ways to better manage story requests locally so players can get their stories at no cost and the employees can also have their requests met.