What you need for an event

Here is a list of items we recommend bringing when you come to a Dystopia Rising event. This list is not all inclusive, and without a doubt there are other common sense items you want to bring, but this is a good start. Keep in mind that while the theme of the world is post-apocalyptic, bringing certain items will ensure that you have a better time over the weekend. 

You are the best judge for your own comfort levels in regards to camping, so please put some thought into the minimum number of items you need to bring to not only take care of yourself, but also set the scene for your own sleeping area. 

Staff Items:

Signed Parental Release Form for teens under the age of 18, Photo Identification, Required Waiver Forms, Game Fee in cash (no check or credit cards), Pen


Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dental Floss, Shampoo, Metal Mirror, Toilet Paper, Comb, Sun Screen, Bug Repellent, Deodorant, Prescription Medications (be sure to register allergies, medication requirements and other medical conditions with our staff).


Crank Powered/ Low Strength Flashlight with a Red Gel, First Aid Kit, Contact Safe Weapon Repair Kit, 1 Hiking Safe Drinking Vessel, Paper Plates, Reusable Utensil, Trash Bags, Sani-Wipes, Character Costume, Change of Clothes For Weather, Packets/Foam Darts (as needed), Contact Safe Weapons, Headbands (Orange, Green, Red), NPC Clothes, Street Clothes, Flip-Flops For Shower (as site and season allow), and Towel.


Tent, Ground Cloth, Sleeping Bag, Blankets, Inflatable Cushions/ Mattress, Low Powered Camp Lamp (non-flame), Glowsticks to Mark Tent Lines.

Food Suggestions:

Pack food and water to match your needs for multiple days of physical exertion. Some locations offer refrigeration, however, not all sites do. Be sure to plan accordingly. Fruit, granola bars, protein bars, and large gallon jugs of water are a great start. Aim for foods that require little to no cooking, since there is no ‘down time’ to eat. It is highly recommended that you re-pack your food in reusable/re-sealable containers before you come to ensure the freshness of your food and to cut down on your camp site garbage.


Make sure your costume is not only safe for running, jumping, crashing through the woods, slipping in mud and swinging combat safe weapons, but also rugged and cheap. There is no doubt that at some point during a Dystopia Rising event you could end up with fake blood on you and some fake blood stains on your clothes. Do not bring or wear anything to Dystopia Rising that you would be heartbroken to find damaged, stained, or destroyed. Sometimes zombie faux blood splatters make a costume cooler, since it now has history to it; however, if your costume is something you don’t want stained, then don’t bring it. Dystopia Rising is not responsible for the safety of your property if it is broken or stolen. Lastly, bringing expensive, delicate, or meaningful items is a recipe for disaster.