Hello! Thank you for your time and effort. 
The idea with a secret shopper is not to trap someone who is doing something wrong. Our goal is to make sure that each branch is functioning at the highest level possible and with the best tools available. 
There is no fault in a Director who needs to be retrained or finding a staff member who is perhaps not best suited for the position they are in. As we all know, it is hard for even Directors on the ground to have an eye on every aspect during a weekend and the intent here is to provide both the parent company with a clear view of what's happening but also the local Directors with issues that they are potentially unaware of.

As always, if you have any questions or problems please contact Ashley. 

What was the location like? Easy to find/get to, convenience to civilization, sleeping arrangements, bathroom & kitchen facilities, etc.
Was it well managed, clear to navigate. Did you know when it would be open, where to go as a new player or if you pre-reg'd?
Was it separate from regular check-in, was there staff dedicated to getting them set up?
Does your character have any skills that require trips to Ops during the event? If so, how efficient was it? Were there staff members on hand to write up cards, copy blueprints, etc? Were the staff members helpful and friendly?
Was the site set up to resemble a DR world (as best as possible, we know nobody works on a movie budget)? Were there sufficient NPC costumes and weapons to send out each shift? Was make-up and masks used to portray NPCs?
Was there a main story for the weekend, what was it? Was the story accessible by both new and established players? Were there modules throughout the weekend that were both interesting and engaging? Did the camp feel like a living town or were the players spread out or clustered?
How was the flow of game? Were NPCs spread out to best hit the entire camp? Were overlaps taken advantage of and did the weekend have a steady feel or was it in bursts of activity with periods of "dead air"? Did NPCs follow the book guidelines for powers, respawns and mannerisms? During your NPC shift, were you given sufficient information on the roles you would be playing?
Did game start and end at the time posted? Were scheduled events (meal plans, new player modules) run on time?
Give a brief description of the best module you saw over the weekend.
Did the world feel like it could be affected? Did the plot happen in response to the players actions?
Were the Director(s) present all weekend? Were they involved in all aspects of the game, running story, there for opening and closing announcements, PCing as the game allowed?
Was the size of the staff sufficient for the size of the game? Were the staff members wearing buttons during PC time and some sort of indicator during NPC time to make them easy to find? Were they helpful and friendly?
Were the players friendly and welcoming on an OOC level? Are there any individuals or groups that dominate an aspect of the game in a negative way? Were travelers and new players made to feel welcome or like outsiders? Were players following rules and community guidelines as expected?
Did you see anyone who stood out as having especially great costuming, great RP, adhering to the phys rep requirements for brews and the like?
Did you witness anything that did not match up with the provided materials. IE: new antagonists, special skills, unique cards that do not follow the rules, robots with laser guns?
Did you see the following used: Chop cards, scrounge cards, card sleeves for brews etc?
Were there safety marshals present to oversee large combat scenes and to check weapons?Did you see any instances of unsafe combat that was left unchecked?
Did you hear any complaints from local players? Build issues, staff problems, etc
Were these done? Were they done in a positive and excited manner, especially closing announcements? Did either drag on forever or where they kept brief and to the point?
What was your impression of the event after it ended? Was it a busy weekend, with things to chose to be involved with? As a traveler, would you return? As a new player, would you return?
Did anything stand out as especially great or inventive? Something you would like to see happen at other branches or ideas that might be worth considering on a national level.
Is there anything you would like us to know that didn't fit in one of the above sections?