Authorized Crafters

These crafters are licensed by Dystopia Rising LLC to sell weapons, props and more using logos, images and concepts created by DR LLC. In addition, their weapons have, in the past, consistently passed safety checks at multiple branches. Transactions between crafters and customers are handled entirely by the crafter, please contact them directly for all things. 


Spring Heeled Studios by Tobias McCurry specializes in props, from boffers to accessories, that lend to the immersive experience of live action events and productions. Working with SHS, you're free to chose a pre-designed piece, or a custom prop designed with your stories in mind.



focused burn creations

Focused Burn offers laser-cut & -engraved products on wood and other materials, as well as design services. Our offerings range from items for use in Dystopia Rising and Utopia Descending gameplay to lifestyle items, including but not limited to the following:

  • Jewelry such as bracelets, pendants, dog tags, and earrings

  • Engraved and precision-cut foam and materials for use by other crafters in their creations

  • Photo engravings of images taken at Dystopia Rising and Utopia Descending events for home display or use in play

  • Engraved and etched aluminum pieces for armor fabrication

  • Signage for workstations, faith locations or places of note, as well as consulting on and construction of large-scale transportable props

  • Custom creations for Dystopia Rising and Utopia Descending play and lifestyle


Based in Colorado, Forged Alchemy offers a full range of LARP safe props and armor from cast foam stock items to fully custom designs and we work with clients throughout the entire process to ensure an excellent result.

We also offer custom silicone molding for cast props. Prices range from $40 and up for custom items and $3 - $150 for stock items.



Please note: Items pictured are intended as examples of types and quality. They do not indicate "for sale" items. Dystopia Rising LLC and its affiliates prohibit use of IP or trademark protected properties without the proper authorization. Any questions should be sent directly to the crafter.

Interested in becoming an authorized crafter? We are actively looking for quality creators to partner with. Submit an application and we will be in touch.
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