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Thank you for applying to host a Featured Event!

Please include as much information in your application as possible. The more complete an image of your vision the better we'll be able to consider and then work with you to make it an amazing event. 

Requested Event *
Events applications are due in by the end of the year preceding the intended dates. (i.e.: 2016 applications are due in by December 31st, 2015)
The intended site must be able to host up to 600 people. This requires (depending on time of year) a minimum of 1/3rd that number of bunks or beds, approx 1 toilet/30 people and parking for a minimum of 300 cars.
Please provide a list of the supplies on hand for the larger NPC shifts. This list should include beaters, weapons, make-up supplies, costuming, etc.
Please give a break down of the intended weekend overarc, shift modules and planned roaming threat.
Planning on having a pie eating contest? Perhaps hire an elephant to give rides? Let us know what sorts of awesome special things you've got in mind.


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